Embrace Your Struggles, They Become Your Best Stories

Eric Thomas, the number one motivational speaker in the world.

Some of us have been homeless. Some of us have been overlooked for a job. Some of us have even escaped death.

These type of stories of overcoming adversity help you become an authority in your industry.

Being an expert on the numbers catch the attention of other experts. However, the public hang onto their seats to hear how that gang member spared your life or how you slept in your car for weeks after your spouse filed for divorce and took everything.

These stories get you on the big stage!

No matter what you’re going through, your audience is waiting to hear your story.
Have you ever heard of E.T., the hip-hop preacher? He’s better known as Eric Thomas. The Detroit native is the number one motivational speaker in the world and has such a compelling story.

Thomas was a high-school dropout. His mother had him at a young age and his father wasn’t around. Growing up he was homeless, squatting in abandoned buildings and eating out of garbage cans. He gives this testimony all the time.

All it took was a change of mindset.

This homeless squatter became a multi-millionaire. He helps people achieve their goals through seminars, workshops and school assemblies. Thomas is loved not only because of his compelling story, but he tells it with such vigor.
He helps people reach inside themselves to find the motivation and drive to achieve their dreams – from entrepreneurs to professional athletes.

How can this help you?

For those in business, people like to know your business. They want to know about your personal life. Telling your story gives fans and customers a motive to buy your products and a reason to buy into your vision.

What have you gone through? What are you going through?

Nobody cheers for the guy that had all the resources since birth. You know, the one who grew up in a wealthy community in a stable home. The one who went to college while his parents paid his tuition and gave him a high-earning position within their company after he graduated.

Why? Because there’s no dog in him. He’s never had a situation wear he had to either sink or swim.

For brothers like you, I know you’ve been through a lot. Perhaps you’re still going through it. But there’s an audience waiting for you to tell your story.

Find a platform where you can connect to people. Whether you’re selling a product or providing content on a social media platform, now is the best time to get your story out and share it with the public.

Your audience awaits.

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