The Emotionless, Cold Hearted, Self Hating Black Woman

Frankenstein's Monster

Allow me ask you some quick questions, when was the last time you saw a black woman smiling walking down the street hand in hand with a black man? When was the last time you saw a black woman walking down the street holding the hand of her black child/children, smiling, laughing and interacting with him/her/them? When was the last time you saw a black woman playing with her black children in the park?

When was the last time you saw a black woman playing with children at all? When was the last time you saw a black woman kiss, cuddle, hug and openly show affection towards her black children? When was the last time you saw a black woman hugging, cuddling and demonstrating love and affection towards her black boyfriend? When was the last time you heard a black woman tell her black children that she loves them? When was the last time you saw a black woman showing true love and affection towards a black man?

I believe that many of you are beginning to see where I am going with these questions. I personally haven’t seen any of the above in an extremely long time. I personally cannot remember the last time I saw a black woman having fun and playing with her children. Nor can I remember the last time that I have seen a black couple smiling walking down the street hand in hand.

When you have to stop in order to think about these questions on a deeper level, you immediately know that there is a problem and the problem does not reside with black men. The bottom line is black women are not satisfied with life when involving any individuals that resembles themselves because they categorically hate being black. If black women could click their fingers and become white, I estimate in an instant around 85-90% of the black female population would disappear.

Black women in their acceptance of feminism, fatherless home welfare policies and their desire to be accepted by white men and white society have morphed into completely different creatures, an unrecognisable group of women as far as I am concerned. This is something that I talked about in my book Negro Wars. The modern-day black female in dealing with black men and black society has become emotionless and cold-hearted. Let us go through some quick examples.

The typical black relationship will consist of both individuals sitting at either ends of the sofa, There will no cuddling, hugging, kissing or snuggling together. The couple will either be watching television or will be busy on their mobile phones.

If the black boyfriend does attempt to hug or kiss his black girlfriend she will immediately remove his arm or hand and express extreme disapproval vocally and through a range of militant facial expressions. Black women simply aren’t affectionate and loving individuals.

When it comes down to sex just like everything else black women as a whole are emotionally disconnected from the act, there is no love-making when it comes down to sexual intercourse with the majority of black women, it is only mechanical. Bent over the couch doggy-style is how a large portion of black women prefer to have sex with black men, this way they can avoid making eye contact with the other participant, maintain their regime of non emotional involvement and not be reminded of who they really are.

When it comes down to going out you will rarely if ever see black men and black women holding hands, it just doesn’t happen, why, because yet again the black woman is attempting to escape from her blackness. Thus in her mind not holding hands with a black man is a form of disconnect and a step though an extremely far one towards whiteness.

Going out to eat with a black woman can also be an experience, she will be more interested in her phone pulling it out of her bag every 5 seconds rather than you and the food itself. As I have stated before black women have no decorum nor any respect for others around them, with black men they feel that they have an automatic right to be disrespectful which we are meant to accept without question.

Black women are also heartless creatures when it comes down to considering others, this is especially evident when observing the way that most black women deal with black children. A non black woman upon hearing her child cry will immediately stop her activities, pick up, hug, comfort and question the child as to what the problem is. A black woman instead will typically curse and swear at the child, refuse to hug or show the child any form of affection and push the child away to deal with the issue by his/herself.

Black women are extremely emotionless when it comes down to the barbaric and bloodthirsty brutalisation of their offspring. About the only time a black woman’s eyes will light up with life is when she is reigning down fire and brimstone upon her children which she mistakenly calls discipline. Most black women know nothing concerning discipline, they only know how to beat a child black and blue until they have been satisfied ie the child’s spirit and body have both been broken.

Physically battering a child for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 minutes is not discipline, that is clearly physical abuse, so is beating your child with any and all instruments you can lay your hands on. Black women are ultra savages when it comes down to how they handle black children, why, again because they hate looking upon any individuals who remind them of what nationality they truly are.

I keep on saying “black children” because the motherly instincts automatically flow from black women whenever they are dealing with light-skinned, mixed race or white children. They won’t brutalise them like they will brown-skinned and dark-skinned children because these lighter skinned youth to them are pillars and represent the journey towards whiteness most black females are embarking upon.

The issue relating to how black children are loathed and treated horribly by black women as a collective is one of the main reasons why I personally recommend that black men ought to look for love and companionship elsewhere. Why sire children with a group of women who by default are going to despise and hate them simply because they are black? It makes more sense to have children with other women who are going to appreciate and love them regardless of what colour they turn out to be.

Lastly, let us also not forget to mention the fact that black women enjoy removing happiness from both their children and black men, they will go out of their way to either do something spiteful or take away that which brings both groups joy and smiles. I’m sure that many black men and black children can relate. Black women are bitter miserable individuals who wish to see everybody around them in the same low brow, miserable state.

Remember the commercial that Pepsi released in 2011 called Love Hurts featuring one such miserable, bitter black female? Here it is once again for your perusal, even multi billion dollar companies such as Pepsi are fully aware of how most black women behave. Mind you, this dysfunctional behaviour is what most black women refer to as “strength” or “being strong”:

Did you notice how open, friendly and full of smiles the white female jogger was in comparison to the black woman? Did you also notice how the black woman upon seeing her man simply return a smile which is considered normal behaviour, determined his actions to be unacceptable and immediately resorted to using violence?

Walk away black men, simply walk away, the writing is on the wall concerning black women however many of you still refuse to accept the obvious interpretation of what is written. How is it that other people can clearly observe and demonstrate how dysfunctional black women are but many of you black men still refuse to acknowledge the truth?

Well, as I have stated before those who still choose to deal with black women do so at their own risk and can no longer complain if bitten having already been pre-warned. Thinking black men, stay away from the cold heartless creature known as the black female, she is not your friend. Black men, you can do much better for yourselves and you certainly deserve better.

Babatunde Umanah

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My name is Babatunde Umanah, I live in the UK and I am the author of two books, the first being The Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure which deals with the church beast system and its undeniably deep corruption and the second being Negro Wars, a book which deals with the modern day black woman and additionally examines the endless dysfunction, death and destruction she has brought upon black society.