Everything Wrong With the Modern Thot – Part II

It was almost a year ago when we first decided to touch up on this subject that was sorely missing out in many manosphere offerings. “A thot is a creature of great hunger”, we said back then, “It yearns for attention, it craves admiration and worship. Its main source of food is digital – her followers worship her through instagram, facebook and snapchat.”
And almost a year after that statement, it’s starting to ring more true than ever.
In a society riddled with problems where values are all messed up and disfigured, there’s always a weak link. The link that will be the first to snap, and fly in headfirst into a shitstorm that is rising all around us. And who’s the weak link? The thots, of course.
Those that lack gall, those that lack the power to stand by their word and statement, are almost always the women, and the feminized “men”.
It was always a common trait of young women to adapt extremely quickly to any new surroundings and new circumstances, be they social or otherwise. This is partly covered in one of the concept by the influential red pill author Rollo Tomassi, in his article titled “War Brides”. 
But in 21st century, we don’t get war brides, or careless, clueless young girls. We get something wholly worse – thots.

Retouching the Confirmed
The core of the problem comes for attention. Any person, whatever they do, will depend on the attention they get. Simple. Do something and get a ton of positive feedback, and of course you will keep doing it. And what do the thots get? Thirsty comments. Metric shit tons of attention. And the problem just deepens itself.
So, what else is wrong with the modern thot? Most of modern, young, and carefree women are pretty much extremely self aware of their physical appearance, and will go to extreme lengths to appear “attractive” or “beautiful” to those around them. How else will she get a 100k likes on Instagram, right? By doing this, they are actively changing the beauty standards for all other aspiring thots, creating unrealistic goals. They also fail to realize that 90% of a girl’s look today (tons of makeup, glitter, filters, bijoux gold, etc) is appalling for most men, and they don’t give a flying shit about all of it.
Now, aside for creating those impossible beauty standards, they also need an effective way to actually pay for all this crap. They either live of off welfare, or are so-called “influencers” (smh), or, the worst of all – they find themselves a sugar daddy. They can easily find some blueballed beta simp, who will willingly finance all their spoiled desires.

The Snake in the Eden
This lifestyle directly undermines not only masculine values, but also the values of every other normal, hardworking and prospective person, male and female alike. The thot mentality, the bubbly, carefree idiotic behavior is the literal snake in our society. While the thots are fixing no issues, nor providing any contribution to the society, they create countless problems.
So, while we’re at it, bashing the slut mentality,  we’d like to draw attention of all self respecting men that read this. Say NO to the thot. Do NOT allow yourself to stoop so low as to waste your time in order to stick it in a washed out thot who had 10+ men before you. What kind of man can settle for that? You’re literally cucking yourself.
But in the end of ends, thots and attention seeking are problems that cannot be fixed. The only thing we can do at this point is to deny the thot the very thing she desires – attention. Instagram, facebook and all other social media should go out of the window when self respecting men are in question. That shit is for them.

Fellow readers of Negromanosphere, it’s time for your input. You know that we value and want to make your voice heard. How do you see the thot problem? Do you roll with it, or do you draw a line at a certain point? What passes for you and when do you say: “naw bruh”?
We look forward to hearing your comments. Until the next time – keep conquering!

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