‘Eyes Wide Shut’: One Very Powerful Red Pill Aware Film

"Eyes Wide Shut," a 1999 erotic drama that examines the concepts of monogamy, marriage, adultery, and sexual duplicity, was the very last feature-film ever directed by famed Hollywood filmmaker Stanley Kubrick

If you are a long-time follower of what is known as ‘the manosphere’ (i.e., an integrated community of various internet message boards, discussion forums, social media sites, self-help related websites, and audio and/or video podcasts for heterosexual men all over the world) and even more specifically, a regular reader of my featured column on this site, then by now you know what it means for a man to be “Red Pill Aware.”

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When a married or unmarried man operates with what is known as “Blue Pill” thinking, this means that he is generally naïve regarding women’s true sexual nature, and not consciously aware of just how manipulative women are, how materialistic they are, how promiscuous and sexually duplicitous they can be, and how adulterous and unfaithful they are capable of being with their husbands, fiancés, or long-term boyfriends.

Many men who were previously guilty of “Blue Pill” thinking usually tend to become very Red Pill Aware once they get exposed to the manosphere community, but some men can begin their journey toward Red Pill Awareness simply by watching some feature films that are written with a high degree of realism as it relates to exposing the true (sexual) nature of women.


All my closest friends, relatives and long-time followers and supporters know that I am a HUGE “movie buff.” I absolutely love watching films that are well directed, well written, and well-acted.

Arguably the first film I saw that enhanced my sense of Red Pill Awareness was not a mainstream film, but it was actually an explicit adult film (i.e., porn flick). It was entitled Talk Dirty to Me, and it starred a legendary porn actor by the name of John Leslie. I also found the sequel, Talk Dirty to Me, Part II to be just as enlightening. Both X-rated films further clued me in to the sexually duplicitous nature of women.

A few other films that earn a spot on my ‘Best Red Pill Aware Movies’ would be Acrimony, Body Heat, Blue Valentine, Gone Girl, Havoc, Honeytrap (fellow NegroManosphere.com columnist Rom Wills referred me to that particular film), Pretty Persuasion, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, The Last American Virgin, Two Lovers, and Unfaithful among others.

But the movie that I most want to briefly highlight in this article is one titled Eyes Wide Shut.


There are some men who naively believe that they generally know and thoroughly understand women simply because they have a wife, a fiancée, or a long-term girlfriend. This seems to be the case with Dr. William Harford (Actor Tom Cruise) in the 1999 erotic drama, Eyes Wide Shut. This was the very last film ever directed by the legendary filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick.

This movie is very layered with many metaphors and subliminal messages employed for the viewing audience. Kubrick was masterful with this film.

The story centers around Dr. Harford and his wife, Alice (Actress Nicole Kidman, who at the time was Cruise’s real-life wife).

The first scene in the movie that exposes Harford’s naivete with women is when he is smoking weed with his wife in their bedroom, and they are discussing the issue of being tempted to cheat. Bill expresses to Alice that he (naively) believes that women are far more monogamy-oriented than men and that he perceives women as the gender that places far more emphasis on the notion of ‘true love’ than men do. In response, his wife Alice laughs uncontrollably (as if to say, “are you fucking kidding me?!?”). Alice goes on to let Bill know that she has had so many opportunities to cheat on Bill, she cannot even keep count.

Alice then confesses to Bill that she has entertained a sexual fantasy involving a naval officer who she and Bill met on a recent vacation. She lets Bill know that if she had truly wanted to, she could have easily had sex with this naval officer without Bill ever knowing about it or ever finding out about it.

From that point forward, you could see that Bill is in the very early stages of a Red Pill awakening (which is why I always challenge many of my YouTube viewers to ‘wake the fuck up’ and quit operating in a naïve and delusional fantasy world when it comes to dealing with women).

I am reluctant to go into detail about the subsequent scenes because I do not want to give away too many spoilers for those men who may be very interested in viewing the film for themselves.


If anyone reading this article happened to watch Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins (2005), you will remember toward the end of the movie, Bruce Wayne (Actor Christian Bale) apologizes to his girlfriend Rachel (Actress Katie Holmes, former wife to Tom Cruise) for not revealing to Rachel that he was really The Batman. Then Rachel says something to Bruce that is very interesting: she lets Bruce know that The Dark Knight is who Bruce Wayne REALLY is … and it is the face of Bruce Wayne that is actually his ‘alter ego’ that he presents to the general public.

This exchange between Rachel and Bruce in Batman Begins also relates to one of the underlying messages of Eyes Wide Shut. The movie basically implies that very few men and women in society tend to present their REAL SELF to the general public, particularly as it relates to their true sexual desires, interests, intentions, fantasies, and preferences. This is the primary basis of sexual duplicity. Most men and women present themselves to the general public as being very wholesome, prudish or semi-prudish, and monogamy-oriented … when in reality, they possess many kinky, promiscuous and/or polyamorous tendencies.

Every man who views Eyes Wide Shut will ask themselves a minimum of five questions:

  1. Do I really understand women’s sexual psychology, or have I allowed my social programming to dictate how I view women?
  2. How would I react if I found out tomorrow that my wife, fiancée, or long-term girlfriend had another lover on-the-side? Similarly, what if my wife, fiancée, or long-term girlfriend was to confess to me that she entertains sexual fantasies about one of my close friends, her boss or one of her co-workers, or some other man that I may be familiar with?
  3. If I met a woman who was exceptionally gorgeous and sexy, and she gave me one opportunity to have sex with her without anyone ever finding out about my erotic tryst with her … but I had no access to a condom … would I risk engaging in sexual activities with her knowing that she could be HIV-positive?
  4. Would I have sex with girls aged 15, 16, or 17 if I knew for a 100% fact that I would never be caught or exposed?
  5. How would I react if I found out that just about all the popular celebrities that I admire, the professional athletes that I admire, and powerful politicians and businesspeople that I admire regularly or semi-regularly engage in sexual activities that are adulterous and/or extremely kinky and representative of highly promiscuous behavior? Would this knowledge cause me to lose respect for them or view them differently?

Marinate on those questions before, during, or after you view Eyes Wide Shut.

Enjoy the movie.

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