Experiences About Nigerian Banks

I have used different banks in my short years on earth and I have been able to know how most of these Nigerian banks operate. You know, poor people like me are always experimenting in poverty, opening different bank accounts in different banks, even though we don’t always have money to put in them. We just open them in case we become millionaires tomorrow. Lol.

The first bank account I opened was at Intercontinental Bank, before banks started collaborating and they had to change to Access Bank. Poverty forced me to close down my bank account at Intercontinental Bank. I still remembered how they were begging me not to close it down. I can’t have money in the bank and be suffering. I needed the little money there. Lol. They did well then.

Then, I moved to Platinum Habeeb Bank (Bank PHB). I loved the creativity of their name and their colour. They just came around then as a new bank in Nigeria and I went to have my own account with just N1000. They treated me well. After that, I opened Access Bank account. Those ones can greet the hell out of you. You’ll be hearing ‘thank you for banking with us’ from different angles.

You’ll enter Access Bank and feel like you are in the same category with Aliko Dangote, with the way the gatemen and the guards will greet and respect you. If you don’t plan tipping them before, you will quickly decide to do so if you have extra money with you. They will greet you and your head will swell. Ha, things have really changed in Nigeria o.

After having an account with Access Bank, I graduated to Diamond Bank. I am a lover of cool colours, so it was the colours that drove me to having an account with the bank. I downloaded their mobile application and started using it. They didn’t trouble me. It was a nice experience. The bank has good customer relations. They also have beautiful ladies as staff.

Then, I moved to opening an account with Sterling Bank. They are a great bank. They are very innovative too. They can sometimes delay customers, anyway. I believe they can do better in their customer relations. The only thing I have against Sterling Bank is the fluctuation in service. It is not too fast. People will send money to you in 2020 and you will get it in your account in 2025. Lol.

Now, let me move to United Bank of Africa (UBA). The name sounds cool. They are also one of those strong banks in Nigeria. Although they are orthodox in some things but they are still doing fine. Their service is not too bad also. You may only have some difficulty in registering on their mobile application. It has happened to me countless times. They will be telling me my phone number is not correct. They can force you to adopt USSD.

Now, Zenith Bank. They are a very big bank. It is a bank for business owners and influential people. It is not a bank for babies and small boys. Just that they will subject you to a lot of unnecessary screenings sometimes. Their network is not bad, too. I can say it is average. They are doing well. But, I must tell you that Zenith Bank is not a bank for poor people and students. I’ll continue about the other banks in my next article.

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