5 Reasons Why Prostitution will Never Be Legalized in the U.S.

Why is it still illegal for men to pay women directly to engage in sexual intercourse with them?  Many men have posed this question to me over the last ten years or so.  Let’s be real:  many men find a way to pay women ‘indirectly’ for sex on a monthly, weekly, or even a daily basis.  Here are just a few examples:

  • A man who is a self-proclaimed ‘Sugar Daddy’ offers to pay all of the monthly bills and expenses that have been incurred by a woman who is his designated ‘Sugar Baby.’  The woman agrees to engage in sexual activities with the man whenever she chooses to ‘reward’ her Sugar Daddy for his financial generosity;
  • A man expresses to a woman that he would love to engage in sexual activities with her, but the woman demands that the man first treats her to a free dinner a minimum of three times at a five-star top-quality restaurant in addition to three free lunch meals over a four-week span.  Once the man treats the woman to those six free meals, she finally agrees to engage in sexual activities with the man at least one time;
  • A married man is only allowed to engage in sexual activities with his wife no more than four times per month.  If the man desires to engage in sex with his wife five or more times per month, he must purchase some new clothes for her monthly, treat her to dinner at a restaurant no less than twice per week, and deposit a minimum of $1,000.00 into her personal checking account monthly;

I dare anyone reading this article to convince me that each of those three examples above is not representative of cash and/or ‘financial favors’ being exchanged for a woman’s sexual companionship.  I dare you.  All three of those scenarios represent prostitution disguised as ‘dating’ or ‘marriage.’

So, tell me again exactly why exchanging money directly for oral sex and/or intercourse is illegal in the United States (except for in many counties in the state of Nevada)?


There are several reasons why I believe the vast majority of local governments and state governments here in the United States will never legalize prostitution.  For the purposes of this article, I am going to narrow those reasons down to a minimum of five.

REASON #5:  Women in the U.S. want the freedom to be whores without being officially labeled ‘whores’

Comment:  Most women who maintain promiscuous sexual habits are usually labeled ‘sluts’ by both men and women in society.  There are other women with pretentious and materialistic objectives who are labeled ‘gold diggers’ by both men and women in society.  What is the term for a woman who is perceived to be both a ‘slut’ and a ‘gold digger’?  A whore. (note:  technically, many men in society are also labeled ‘sluts’ or ‘man-sluts,’ ‘male gold diggers,’ and ‘whores’ or ‘man-whores,’ but this is not discussed much by the media)

According to just about all international dictionaries, anytime a woman (or man) accepts financial compensation (especially in the form of cash), materialistic gifts, or even offers of employment directly in exchange for one’s sexual companionship, this makes one officially a ‘whore.’

The real truth?  There are many women in society who are legitimate whores who are not officially paid sex workers, street prostitutes, professional Call Girls, or high-priced upscale Erotic Escorts.  I already listed three examples in this article of “unofficial” or “covert” whores.  No man or woman who has a daughter, a granddaughter, or a niece wants their female relative(s) to be officially known as a ‘whore.’  Unofficially?  Many men and women can reluctantly tolerate such a label for their female offspring and other assorted female relatives.

If prostitution were legalized, women who are ‘covert whores’ and ‘unofficial whores’ would not be able to keep pace with the officially legalized whores … and this is why many women in society do not want prostitution legalized.

REASON #4:  Women in the U.S. who men consider to be ‘unattractive,’ ‘obese,’ ‘too old,’ and/or ‘too prudish’ would generally be completely and indefinitely ignored

Comment:  If all heterosexual men in the U.S. could pay $50.00, $100.00, $150.00 or $200.00 for thirty minutes to an hour of sexual activity with a government-approved female sex companion, why would any man waste time even talking to a woman whom he found to be physically unattractive and not that sexually appealing?  In Amsterdam, where prostitution is legal, it only costs a man €50.00 for up to twenty minutes of sexual activity with a government approved sex worker in the infamously known Red Light District.

Women in society who are above-average looking to drop-dead gorgeous will always receive attention from men.  Always.  For women who are not-so-attractive and/or perceived to be extremely prudish, receiving flattering attention from men is a bit more challenging.  Typically, the only chance for these women to receive attention from men is to dangle the ‘possibility of (future) sex’ in the face of a man.

If prostitution were legalized, most men would become just as ultra-selective and hypergamous as many of the women in society already are.  Why would any man invest a significant amount of time (or time and money) toward the possibility of sex when he can simply pay for guaranteed sex?

REASON #3:  Platonic friendships between single heterosexual men and women would become virtually obsolete

Comment: I just mentioned ‘the possibility of sex’ (which as many of you know, is the title of one of my books) above.  Here’s the deal:  women love men’s non-physical, non-sexual, purely platonic attention & companionship probably five to ten times more than the average man loves being around women in a strictly platonic manner.  Believe that.

How do most (single) women motivate men to spend with them in a purely platonic manner?  By dangling the ‘possibility of (future) sex’ in their faces. Naïve and lustful men fall for this ‘scam’ regularly.  These men truly believe their ‘one lucky day’ is on the horizon, but sadly, that day never comes.  These men were simply ‘tricked’ into giving women flattering and entertaining platonic male companionship for nothing.

Let’s be real:  Why would any man in the U.S. who is horny for sex (and does not have a wife, a fiancée, a long-term girlfriend, or a couple of casual sex lovers at his disposal at the moment) invest a significant amount of time and money into sharing the company of a woman who MIGHT agree to have sex with him, when that same man can invest time and money into sharing the company of a woman who is GUARANTEED to engage in sexual activities with him?  Attention hungry women (otherwise known as ‘Attention Whores’ and ‘Cock Teasers’) in the U.S. would lose their minds with unfathomable amounts of egotistical frustration if prostitution was ever legalized in all fifty states in this country.

If prostitution were legalized, just about all of these disingenuous platonic friendships between men and women would suddenly evaporate overnight (see related articles:  FunClubbing: When Men Place Themselves in a Woman’s ‘Friend Zone’ and The Appeal of Your Sexual Companionship vs. Your Non-Sexual Companionship)

REASON #2:  Many men would delay marriage or avoid it altogether

Comment: Statistics already show that most men in society are procrastinating getting married, while many others are avoiding marriage altogether (check out my book, The Beta Male Revolution: Why Many Men Have Totally Lost Interest in Marriage in Today’s Society).  If prostitution was legalized, those already not-so-optimistic statistics would only get worse.

Let’s keep it real:  Over half of the reason why most men get married is so a) they do not have to ‘chase tail’ for the rest of their lives as a Bachelor and b) so that they can raise children with a woman who they believe will be an outstanding mother to their son(s) and/or daughter(s).  Unlike many women, men rarely get married just so that they can engage in multiple episodes of ‘entertaining conversation’ with their spouse for the rest of their lives and/or so that they can simply have someone to make them feel ‘special’ on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day.

The top priority for most men in any long-term relationship with a woman is engaging in enjoyable and satisfying sex on a regular basis.  Raising healthy children is a close second, assuming the man in the relationship or marriage desires to have a family.  Conversely, many women do not get married for the sake of enjoyable and satisfying sex.  If a woman is reasonably attractive and possesses an above-average degree of sex appeal, she can get sex from a man anytime she wants to.  Women get married more so for the non-sexual companionship a man provides for her, as well as for daily or weekly assistance in raising children and the financial security that her husband is offering her.

If prostitution were legalized, and local and state governments demanded that all sex workers and their clients use some form of birth control, the number of women experiencing unexpected pregnancies and being faced with the prospect of an abortion would decrease significantly. Also, sexually desperate men would no longer feel obligated to propose marriage to a woman just to have their sexual needs satisfied and/or to reluctantly agree to raise a child that they never wanted in the first place. Legalizing prostitution would eliminate ‘sexless’ marriages!  Marinate on that.

REASON #1:  Feminists and members of organized religion would lose credibility and their sense of purpose

Comment: Here is the reality of men in society, as it relates to the idea of paying women money for sex:

  • Men who already have access to at least one female sexual companion (i.e., they are married, engaged to be married, or have a long-term girlfriend) do not really ‘pay for sex.’ What they pay women for is the opportunity to avoid lengthy episodes of trivial ‘small talk’ with a woman and instead, just get right to the sex.  Also, they are paying for the opportunity not to feel obligated to ‘cuddle’ with a woman after the man has reached his orgasmic climax.  In addition, these men are paying the women to be discreet (i.e., keep their mouths shut) about this erotic tryst and/or extramarital affair and prevent their significant others from finding out about it
  • Men who are single, unattached, and unmarried who have no access to any casual sex lovers (i.e., these men are sexually desperate) are paying for the opportunity to engage in sexual activities with women who may be generally considered ‘out of their league.’ As I alluded to above, these men want to pay money for guaranteed sex rather than pay money for the ‘possibility of (future) sex.’

I can think of at least two factions in society that would have a problem with both of those two types of men above:  Hardcore feminist types and powerful members of organized religion.  Why?

Feminists are women who believe that women should be viewed as fully developed human beings and even ‘goddesses’ to be worshiped by men, and not merely ‘sex objects’ who can be discarded and ignored after sex takes place.  If prostitution was ever legalized in all cities and counties in all fifty states, the feminist movement would suffer a major blow to their on-going agenda of encouraging all women to maintain a high degree of self-respect and dignity.  Wives could no longer threaten their husbands with a denial of sex if they know their husbands could go out and quickly and easily find a legally sanctioned prostitute, Call Girl, or Erotic Escort.

Similarly, organized religion is the major faction in a society that promotes monogamy and strictly monogamous marriages.  Churches and other venues of organized religion meetings would risk having many of the married men in their congregations ‘falling into sin’ with multiple legalized prostitutes.  If bigamy, polygamy, and/or prostitution was ever legalized in all fifty states, many venues of organized religion would begin losing wealthy married women who tithe and graciously donate to their favorite place of worship by the thousands, if not millions.  Morality would clash with the legalities of the land, and all hell would break loose (religious pun intended).

The reality is, men are going to find a way to pay for sex … and savvy women are going to find a way to get paid for their sexual companionship. Given this fact, why not just legalize prostitution?  The government already allows professional ‘sexual surrogates’ for men, women, and couples (the sessions are usually conducted in a health care facility that is monitored by security cameras). Why not have government sanctioned “sexual companionship centers” across the country that are similar in nature?  The women could be tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases, and the rooms designed for sexual activity could be monitored by a security video camera to prevent physical abuse or sexual assault by the (male) clients. This idea could prove to be a much-needed upgrade to the sometimes unsafe and unsavory environments of your legal and illegal brothels.

For all the reasons I have explained in this article, do not wait with baited breath for prostitution to ever be legalized in all fifty states.  The powerful influential women involved in the feminist movement and the powerful members of organized religion will simply never allow it.  Feminists and religious folk would be protesting against the government for YEARS to make prostitution illegal again.

Until local and state governments come to their senses and legalize and regulate prostitution, there are going to be a great number of illegal whores roaming the country.  As a man, you must protect yourself and your finances from these types of women.  Many of these illegal whores are calculating, cunning, and even venomous.

In the United States, legal whores can only be found in the state of Nevada (see:  Prostitution in Nevada).  As a man, you might cross paths with an illegal whore in any of the other 49 states in this country.  BE CAREFUL.  Many of these women may look ‘innocent’ and ‘harmless,’ but these women are financial predators.  These women are highly skilled in taking advantage of naive and lustful men along with their financial resources and material possessions.

Here are a few tips I can offer you to protect yourself:


  • Remain calm. DO NOT PANIC.
  • Make sure you maintain control over all your checking accounts, savings accounts, investment accounts, and credit card accounts
  • Suggest that you two get checked by a health care representative for sexually transmitted diseases; WAIT FOR HER REACTION and RESPONSE. If she says, “Okay, sure,” then 95% chance, your wife, fiancée, or romantic companion is NOT a covert illegal whore.  On the other hand, if your significant other expresses a harsh, adverse reaction and response to your suggestion for an STDs examination … you may be unknowingly guilty of harboring an illegal whore in your residence.  These women may blatantly violate your finances or intentionally set out to destroy your personal property and many of your material possessions. If this does indeed happen, contact local authorities immediately.
  • The next time you suggest that you and your significant other engage in enjoyable sexual activities, pay attention to her reaction and response. If she says, “I look forward to our ‘quality time’ together! I cannot wait!!” (or something similar), then 99.9% chance, you have connected with a quality sex partner.  Conversely, if her reaction is something along the lines of, “Well … what are you going to do for me?  Are you going to make a deposit into my checking account?  Raise the limit of our joint credit card?  Buy me some new clothes?” then document this reaction immediately to protect yourself.  Nine times out of ten, your significant other is secretly an illegal whore attempting to pass herself off as a normal conventional ‘girlfriend,’ fiancée, or wife.  DO NOT BE FOOLED.  Do not offer any cash, financial favors, or materialistic gifts to your significant other directly in exchange for her sexual companionship.  THIS COULD BE A SETUP.  Illegal whoring could result in both you and your significant other being charged with a misdemeanor crime and having to pay a hefty fine.


  • Remain calm. DO NOT PANIC.
  • Once you express a desire to engage in sexual activities with this woman of interest in a highly self-assured, upfront, specific, and straightforwardly honest manner, PAY ATTENTION TO THIS WOMAN’S REACTION and RESPONSE.  You may receive one of the two reactions and responses below:
  1. If she immediately responds with, “What do you think I am … a whore?” respond by saying, “Well … are you? You tell me …”  If she calmly responds, “Of course I am not a whore,” then give her the benefit of the doubt.  More than likely, she is telling the truth.  But if she becomes belligerent and antagonistic, 99% chance, you have just identified a covert illegal whore.  Remain calm.  Do not panic.  Just ease yourself out of the conversation and move on to another woman of interest.
  2. If she immediately responds with, “What do I look like … a slut?” respond by saying, “It is not my place to pass judgment on women’s promiscuous or semi-promiscuous habits … but I will say this: If you choose to be a slut, then there is nothing illegal about that.  I stand by you in your choice to be a slut.  And if you choose to get naked with me, I will surely stand behind you ... and you will enjoy it. Trust me.”  If she giggles, this is a good sign.  This means that she is just a kinky freak (i.e., a woman who chooses to indulge in one or more episodes of short-term and/or non-monogamous sex with a man at least occasionally) or maybe even a highly promiscuous ‘slut’ (i.e., a woman who chooses to engage in one or more episodes of short-term non-monogamous sex with a multiplicity of men on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis).  There is nothing wrong with that (unless the woman is infecting unknowing men with STDs & STIs like crazy).  These kinky freaks and highly promiscuous sluts are not looking to take advantage of you financially.  That is a good thing.  But if the woman says, “Well .. if you want to have sex with me … you’ll have to earn it by treating me to lunch, dinner, or a movie,” remain calm.  Do not panic or get emotional.  Say something like, “Well, I am not so sure about that suggestion,” and then just find a way to ease yourself out of the conversation with this woman and move on to another woman of interest.  Be thankful.  You just avoided a potential ‘trap’ by a covert illegal whore.

Backpage.com was an online classified ad website that was known to attract hundreds of thousands of covert illegal whores.  Thankfully, government authorities saw to it that this online cesspool of skanky and ultra-sleazy financial predators was shut down (see related article here).

Many celebrities, politicians, and professional athletes have been victims of the predatory ways of covert illegal whores and their savvy ways for decades. Even many innocent and naive male college students have been ‘tricked’ out of hundreds or thousands of dollars by these highly manipulative female grifters.

I cannot stress it enough:  MANY OF THESE WOMEN ARE DANGEROUS.  Most of these covert illegal whores do not get regularly examined for sexually transmitted diseases, and a good number of these covert illegal whores will attempt to blackmail men who possess wealth, power, and prestige or status. Especially if the targeted men are married, engaged to be married, or involved in what is supposed to be a long-term strictly monogamous romantic relationship with a woman.

Until women are allowed to be LEGAL WHORES in all fifty states, every man in society must protect himself and his financial resources and material possessions against these women who possess questionable moral character and super shady integrity.

Society never intended for men to feel obligated to offer women cash, financial favors, and/or materialistic gifts in exchange for sexual enjoyment and satisfaction.  If this would have indeed been society’s specific intention, prostitution would be legalized in every city, county, state, province, region, and country in the world.  A woman’s sexual companionship should always be offered to men free of charge, assuming that the woman has a genuine attraction to and interest in the man who is proposing sex to her.

If you choose to aid and abet a covert illegal whore, you are doing so at great risk to yourself.  Keep this in mind.  Consider all of the potential legal consequences, ramifications, and repercussions as well as all the potential emotional, physical, psychological and financial consequences, ramifications, and repercussions. Think about it. If you are horny for sex … wouldn’t you rather engage in sex with a kinky freak or a highly promiscuous slut for free – or even a legally sanctioned whore – rather than a covert illegal whore who is a financial predator who might be carrying a myriad of sexually transmitted diseases?

If you agree with this article, use the hashtag #ExposeCovertWhores on Facebook or Twitter, and share this article with all the naive and lustful men you know.

These financial predators must be and will be stopped.

See:  Prostitution laws in 100 major countries and Having sex with an illegal whore vs. an Erotic Escort and Why America Should Legalize Prostitution

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  1. Holy shit! This is a well written article Alan. You never cease to amaze me with your thoughts and insight. I do believe prostitution should be legalized worldwide because it would bring down the rates for each prostitute. I also agree with all five reasons you listed. The part about covert illegal whores was both funny and true!! ROTFLMAO @ “Remain Calm. DO NOT PANIC.” That was creative. Continue the good work Alan!!! #ModeOne

  2. Best. Article. Ever. I think of all the articles I have read by you written on this website and the Examiner.com, this might be your best yet. This was one hell of a read. A lot of food for thought. That last part about the covert whores was priceless!! I have to share this with my buddies #ExposeCovertIllegalWhores #ModeOne

  3. Great article Alan. I learned a lot from reading this. Some brilliant humor included in this one. Five stars. Moooooode Oooooooone!

  4. Can you imagine a world where prostitution was legal everywhere?? Oh my GOD!! Awesome article Alan! #ExposeCovertWhores #ModeOne

  5. I don’t think it’s necessary for legal whore houses, like they already have legal in Las Vegas. Why? Well, women are soooooooooooooo easy anyway, every man knows it. The key is acting out like you are some one on TV, mimicry. Realty TV, Disney a cRap music videos, etc movies, what ever Hollyood says is supposed to be cool and trendy at the time, work very well. Hollywood totally controls the female identity and that goes triple for my black friends and coworkers although they are slowly waking up to the scam. So it should be pretty good in a few yrs down the road either way.

  6. Damn we men need to step up and put money toward the agenda of legalizing prostitution for all the reasons that are mentioned above that would be true Freedom Liberation for men in the United States…

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