Factors Drawing Most Black Men Back

There are many things preventing most black men from moving forward in life. Apart from the fact that many don’t set personal goals for themselves at all, there are a few who do but can’t follow through because they meet challenges on the way to the realization of their goals. While many struggle so hard to become somebody in life and to carve out a path for themselves, they always find out at the end that they are still far from realizing their goals.

Why then do some African men have problem moving forward? Why do they still remain stagnant even after deciding to move forward? It could be that they are suffering from lack of consistency, the inability to be consistent in their drive to realise their personal development goals. They start and along the way, they get distraccted by things that come out of nowhere, or even by their past calling unto them. They lack stick-to-itiveness, the ability to stick to something until the end.

Consistency has to do with being regular at what you do. It is the job of building your mind and body so that you are large enough to break the mould of the old personality and move into another with an updated and expanded mind. Once that ritual is missing, personal development is inhibited. Consistency has to do with continuity, putting one stone on the other, gradually. It is doing what ought to be done whether you want it or not.

Another thing preventing most black men from moving forward is old friends. There are old friends who can keep you down to their level because they are not going anywhere. They want to keep enjoying the ease and comfort they share with you, and if you do not question the productive value of your friends to see if they are helping you grow, you will blindly stay down with them. You and them may be on the same spot until the end of your lives.

Friends who have given up on their dreams or who have resigned to fate to give them directions to live are quick to talk you out of your own. Misery wants company. They will like you and them to be on the same level forever. They will remind you of all the reasons things cannot work out and why it is fruitless to want to aim higher than your current station. They will tell you to take it easy, that life is not hard. This, indirectly, is a strategy to talk you out of your goals.

It is very easy to give in to what they say because they are old-time friends with whom you have bonded over laughter and maybe a few drinks. Until you detach and withdraw yourself from this set of friends, they will always draw you back every time you take a step forward towards realizing your personal development goals. It doesn’t mean they are not still your friends. You’ll just have to reduce the amount of time you spend with them, so that they don’t infect you with their negativity.

Old habits is another thing that hold most black men like shackles. These are programmes that live with you that are not easily broken. Old habits stand in their way and wrestle with them as they try to build new habits. If discipline and willpower are lacking, these old habits will keep tying them down. The habits could be oversleeping, overeating, laziness, procrastination, extravagancy, and indulging in intoxicants.

Lack of support groups also hold most black men back from reaching their potentials. People need others to support them in their journey to becoming better versions of themselves. We all need support groups, people who share the same desire for self-improvement and life success. When you are moving and working with people of likeminds, it stirs more courage in you to do more than you thought you could ever do. You get motivated.

Old environment also hold most black men back. Familiar places keep people down because there are no new pictures to motivate them for their next level. The same old places and faces. The same lifestyles that people subconsciously comply with just because they are in that environment. It is not that people are slaves to their environment, but once they get comfortable in these places, they will keep themselves conformed to that place.

Finally, another obstacle to black men’s progress is lack of resources. Some individuals need access to educational materials that can help but most of these are not readily available. Some prefer the traditional method of education and cannot hold their attention when using the internet to study. Some need hands-on guidance and apprenticeship to help them build their minds and hone their talent. If these things are not available, they may impede people’s progress.

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