Fat Black Men Have No Chance Of Dating Hot American Black Women

Fat Black Men Are Wasting Their Time

If you are a black man interested in dating hot American black women then you must understand that in order to physically attract a black woman you must be in shape. You cannot be overweight, or obese, and expect attain the favor of an American black woman. Now, you may feel like this is an inaccurate statement, or like this makes no sense, but you must understand that what American black women find attractive, other women from other cultures do not care much about. 


For example, style is very important in the black American community, especially when it comes to attracting black women. Are you “fresh?” Do you have a Louis Vutton belt? Do you wear Gucci Shoes and Balmain Jean? If so, then you will have a high possibility of initially attracting an American black woman. Do you wear your hair in the latest trend? Do you have “swag” in your voice when you speak? Do you show your monetary value in the form of jewelry? These are other methods used to attract American black women. 


It makes sense that black men behave in this manner because this is what is most appealing to American black women. Most black men desire to court black women. The point I am trying to make is that American black women take looks very seriously when it comes to selecting a date and a mate. Why is this? You might choose to blame black culture. Hip hop, sports, and entertainment all have a major influence in today’s black culture. Many young black men often try to emulate the men they see on TV and on the internet because they are the type of men that they notice the American black woman is highly attracted to. 


I, however, cannot pin-point when the shift in what American black women find attractive changed. One might imagine it occurred during the 1980’s in the Michael Jackson era. Others may go even further back and describe the days of Motown when black male entertainers rose to extreme fame and prominence. The fact remains that looks are the number 1 factor when it comes to initially attracting an American black woman. Therefore, if you are overweight, or obese, you have almost a zero percent chance of attracting a hot American black woman. 


The only time I have seen this not be the case is when an overweight, or obese, man has been able to attain a high level of social status. Not even financial success alone can overcome obesity when dealing with an American black woman. Therefore, if you are an overweight, or obese, black male looking to date a physically attractive American black woman, and you are not of high social status then I recommend that you look elsewhere. The average looking black women may give you a chance if you happen to have enough swag, but don’t expect anything from the highly attractive American black woman. 


The looks factor is even more amplified because of how social media has impacted society. Highly attractive American black women tend to have huge followings on Instagram, Snap-chat, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok. So, for you to be associated with them, especially as a significant other, you cannot be fat. Being fat in society is viewed negatively. No matter how much the fat positive movement tries to change this it will not work. The world does not like fat. Most women are not physically attracted to fat guys, especially American black women.


When you are obese, or overweight, people will always pre-judge you. Many will think that you are lazy and you overeat. Women will think that you have no stamina in the bed room and that you have a small penis. Life does not bode well for the obese man in black america. You will even notice that fat black men of high status have trouble keeping their women due to the other males who have high status and who are in shape. As a former obese black male in society it was very difficult to accept this. I remember trying to attract a highly sought after American black woman without much success. I am not the only one to experience this. 


There are many black men on various platforms such as YouTube and other video hosting platforms that have shared their own stories of bad experiences when trying to pursue physically attractive American black women while being fat. Some of these men classify themselves as “incels,” (involuntarily celibate) while others call themselves hopeless romantics. These traits and classifications are not appealing to American black women, or many women in general. Therefore, they exhibit an attitude that lacks masculinity, which is just another turn off for the women. 


My suggestion to obese and overweight black men who are attracted to hot American black women and desire to date them is to get into amazing shape. I have been a proponent of saying that you should always get into shape for yourself and your own health. However, for many black men this is not enough motivation. Black men sit on the couch everyday playing video games while eating themselves to death. For some men, the possibility of attracting a hot woman is very motivating. 


If this is the case then, I recommend that black men use whatever motivation they need to in order to get into great shape. Once you get in shape, you will fell better about yourself. If you feel better then you will dress better and therefore look better. Furthermore, the more in shape that you are in the less you have to rely on jewelry, high-end fashion, and financial means to attract an attractive American black woman. Understand, you will still have a lot of competition in the dating market place, however, you will set yourself apart from the pack when you invest into your body and it begins to show.

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