Fathers Should Be Celebrated More

Fatherhood is responsibility. It is a combination of many things. It is not an easy task, especially in a country like Nigeria where there is no orderliness. The majority of men in Nigeria are very aware of the responsibility that comes with being a father. They know what it entails. That is why most men in Nigeria are running away from marriage. They know that being a father is more than just fucking a pussy. They know that there is more to marriage than just fondling the breasts.


It is very easy to get carried away by the trivial sweetness of marriage. Most men rush into marriage because of the ass and the boobs. They forget that they will get enough of it. It is a good thing when you go to work and you have a pussy waiting for you at home to come back to. It is a very nice thing. You not only have the pussy but also boobs to play with. However, it is important to remember that in marriage, you will also buy diapers and pay college tuition. You’ll have to care for your children.


Fatherhood is not an easy thing, honestly. You won’t be thinking of yourself only, but also of your family. You’ll be expected to broaden your level of thinking to get more money to take up the financial responsibility of the family. This can sometimes weigh you down. The thought of the bills you have to pay as a father can frustrate and intimidate you. Most men go through the knife daily to make their families happy. They do everything possible to set food on the table. They sacrifice their health and other things to make their families smile.


A lot of times, as a father, you probably will have to endanger your life to cater for your family. You want to try by all means to make your wife happy. And sometimes, your actions are not being appreciated. Fathers are really trying. African fathers are trying. It is not easy being a father in Africa, especially in Nigeria. As a man, the society expects you to take up most of the bills. Women can use their money to buy clothes and beauty products. They can use their money to buy handbags and other things. But a father has to be prudent in spending because he has bills to pay at home.


Men are not always on the lucky side. They are always the ones to bear the burden. They are the beasts of burden. They take care of the women and the children. And most of the time, some of these women won’t even appreciate what men are doing. Men sacrifice a lot. They go through pains. They withstand pressure. They go through stress and uneasiness to provide for the family. I think men deserve to be praised once in a while. They deserve to be appreciated. I’m talking about men who are responsible to their families.  I’m talking about real men, not irresponsible ones.


Last Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day. It is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. However, I feel it is not a bad thing if we celebrate our fathers more than once in a year. It is not a bad thing if we celebrate our fathers by giving them little gifts occasionally. They deserve it. Most of the time, I see people coming on social media to write condolence messages for their fathers who have gone. But I think we shouldn’t wait for our fathers to die before we say good things about them. We should appreciate them when they are still alive.


We are all familiar with the gratitude given to mothers by athletes and celebrities as they receive awards and accolades. Kevin Durant brought the audience to their feet in tribute to his mother when he acknowledged her as the “real MVP” in accepting his 2013-2014 NBA MVP trophy (Franklin, 2014). Most of the time, more people celebrate Mother’s Day than Father’s Day and spend more for gifts for the mother than for the father. This imbalance raises questions about the role and significance of the father in parenting. The love of the father is unspoken. They love with their whole heart. They love sacrificially. May God bless our fathers.

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