Fellas Don’t Strike Out With Women Before You Get In The Game

Fellas, fellas, fellas.


The dating game between men and women can be complicated,

stressful, and even treacherous. This we all know. We are in the year 2017 and the

dating game is even more complicated then it ever was before. The access that people

have to each other is extensive and people are getting in touch easier. We have dating

apps out there to meet women such as Tinder, Bumble, SoulSwipe, and POF. We even

have social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Tumblr. All of

these can be used as a means to an end.  What is the end you might ask? That end is to meet women and

eventually end up in the bed having sexual intercourse with them. It is what it is fellas!

Let’s just call a spade a spade.



Fellas it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to remember one thing when you are on the hunt

for the women you want to be romantically and sexually involved with. DO NOT STRIKE

OUT BEFORE YOU GET IN THE GAME! A lot of dudes out here do not have a clue

when they are talking to women. And honestly it blows my mind. The first thing you

need to remember is a woman wants to feel important. She wants to be your highest

priority. She wants to feel special. So do not go talking about yourself all the damn time.

Or telling her you are too busy for her. You have to make time for her if you want her to

be yours. Now if she is just a jumpoff then by all means treat her as such. You get the

hint. You have to make her feel special KNUCKLEHEAD!!

One more thing I will say is do not be a cornball around her. Learn how to pay attention

to what she says. One thing is for sure and two things are for certain. If you let women

talk and just shut up and listen. She will always give you hints as to what she is into and

what she wants from you. From then on it is on you to execute and play on those hints

she gives. There is a reason why it is called THE DATING GAME. Because it is a game.

So play to win fellas and don’t strike out before you get to home

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