Feminists Are Battered Angry Women

There are many too intelligent women who have neglected the responsibility of taking care of their homes in the name of feminism. They feel they are equal to the men, that they are too educated and too exposed to humble themselves before their husbands. I think a lot of women don’t understand what feminism means. When they hear feminism, they think of competition. They think of equality with the men. But that is not what feminism is all about. There is more to feminism than claiming equality with the men.


There is more to feminism than what the contemporary women understand. It is not raising your shoulders to your husband. It is not looking down on your husband. It is not refusing to cook for your husband. It is not forcing your opinions down the throat of your man. It is not refusing to wash his clothes. It is not being stubborn to your husband. It is not denying him sex. Feminism is about being responsible and matured. It is about understanding.


It is about loving your husband and your children and making sure they are happy, while you don’t neglect your own happiness, too. Feminism is when everyone is happy in the home. It is about giving advice to your husband and not forcing him to do what you want. Feminism is about communication and understanding. It is about dialogue and resolution. It is about support and cooperation. It is about stepping in for one another and being in unity. It is not about keeping your money for yourself only. It is not about greediness. It is not being wicked. It is about love. And more love.


It is not coercion. It is not force. It is not raising your voice on your husband in argument. It is about being strong, noble, and diplomatic in handling matters. Feminism is not for babies. It is not for children who are still taking milk. It is for matured people who can take solid food. Feminism is not about being heartless and inhumane. Many of you young women have stopped respecting your husbands because you think you have the same rights with him.


You have stopped respecting your husbands because you have your own money to spend. It is wrong. You are laying a bad example for your children and the generation after you. Feminism is not strong hatred for the men folk. It is not deep-rooted anger brought about by the many disappointments you have experienced in the hands of men who have jilted you. There are a lot of women who have stopped cooking for their husbands because they think they are too big for the kitchen.


This is probably one of the reasons we have too many single mothers in our society. I said, probably one of the reasons. Many of you come on social media to deceive yourselves. You have neglected your responsibilities to please your social media followers. Your social media followers won’t be there when you will be crying silently. We need to teach African women the real meaning of feminism. It is a pity many of them don’t understand. They think it is about resisting and barking at their husbands like mad dogs.


Their ignorance is making them to suffer. Some of them are acting feminism from a wrong angle. Most women who have been jilted and disappointed by the men they trusted in the past would come out with bitterness in their hearts and encourage single younger women to be wicked to their husbands. They will tell these younger women that all men are the same, that they are all dogs, irresponsible, and not to be trusted. They seem to have forgotten that the person who donated the sperm for their birth is also a man.


Feminists should stop saying all men are the same. We know before that all men are the same: they all have one dick and two balls. And a balls bag. All women are also the same: they all have a hole and two breasts. What is true for men is also true for women. You can’t talk about men and leave women out. It is impossible. The men we see in our society are produced by women. So, if a woman calls a man a dog, then she is responsible for giving birth to a dog. But, to get back to our discussion on feminism, it is not being wicked to men. Feminism is all about being responsible and being a support to the man. It is not coming on social media to bark like rabid dogs!

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