Finding Quality Women

The biggest issue the average man has is not meeting women.    The average man meets women all the time in his daily life.   He passes them in the street.  He goes through a checkout line at a grocery store and meets women.   He sits next to women on the subway on the way to his job.   He even meets them at work.  The problem is the quality of the women.

Most of the women he passes on the street are built like linebackers.   The one ringing up his groceries has an unfortunately looking face.   He’s almost pushed off the seat on the subway because the woman is taking up her seat and half of his.   I shouldn’t have to explain why women at work are off limits.

So the real problem the average man faces is not a lack of women but a lack of quality women.  At least quality women that are willing to sleep with him but that’s another blog.   So what is a man to do?  There are solutions.

The first thing that man must realize that most women are indeed average.  If he wants a better quality of woman he’s going to have to figure out where they are going to be.   The thing about quality women is that they are not going to be walking around in packs.   The best thing to do is go where they are congregating.

One place to look for quality women is at a gym.   Even though many gyms and health clubs try give people the impression that they are not meet markets let’s be real.   Women with tight bodies walking in colorful spandex are going to have men looking at them.   And the women are looking right back at muscular men in tank tops.

Along the lines of gyms there are many aerobic studios, yoga studios, and even an increasing amount of cycling studios that cater largely to a female clientele.   They do welcome men in those classes.   A man can get a workout and meet his future wife all in one place.

An old standby is the night club.  In this case more upscale night clubs that cater to a better class of women.   Also there are groups that cater to professionals that have special events where men and women can meet and enjoy each other’s company.   These days it’s easy to find them on the Internet.

Speaking of the Internet, with social media present opportunity for people of like minds to meet and greet each other. Whether the group is focused on Vegans or sci-fi fans it’s easier to meet like-minded people in general and quality women in particular.   A man may like anime and may be able to find a quality woman that likes anime as well.

One thing a man has to do before he can truly find a quality woman.   He has to stop settling for women below his standards.   Many men go for the lowest hanging fruit because, well, it’s low hanging.   If a man really wants a quality woman he has to hold out for a quality woman.   Let’s look at this another way.   Say he deals with the proverbial woman with the body of a water buffalo and the disposition of a wild gorilla.  If he’s dealing with such a woman or worse a group of them then will he just be able to drop them if he meets a quality woman?   Probably not.   Also a quality woman may not want to be a part of a harem.

Men who want quality women must first leave the subpar women alone and then be willing to go where the quality women are located.


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