Finding the Right Woman

One of the biggest questions I get from men is how to find the right woman.   Despite all the issues most men want to get married.  They just want to know how to find the right woman.   That’s fair.  Every man isn’t built to be a smooth womanizing player.  Many man just want a good woman waiting for them at home.   There are several things a man can do in his quest to find the right woman.

The first thing a man must do in finding the right woman is finding the right man in himself.   To be clear this is not saying the man should become an image of what women say they want.  What I mean is that a man needs to know who he is before he can get the right woman.   The man needs to know himself.   He needs to know what type of man he is.  Only then he can look for a woman who fits who he is as an individual.

A very important part of a man knowing who he is that he must know his purpose in life.   For example if the man’s purpose in life is to build a school the woman he deals with needs to not only support him but like children.   Now a man might be sexually attracted to the phat booty woman on social media but she wouldn’t serve his purpose because she wants to party and think children should be seen and not heard.   The social media woman may be attractive but is not aligned with the man’s purpose.

The key then becomes a man learning which group of women are aligned with his purpose.   This is a matter of trial and error.   A man has to really pay attention to the women who find him attractive and the ones who don’t.  If he is introspective enough he’ll figure it out right away.  If not he’ll take longer.   Whatever the case he has to figure out the right group of women from which to choose a mate.

Whatever the man decides he has to follow his own agenda.  A big problem many men face is that they don’t follow their own agenda when choosing a mate even when they think they do.   They follow the agenda of their family, their peers, their spiritual leaders, and even the agenda of the women they encounter.    This is unacceptable.

Every man has to follow his own agenda.  He’s the one who has to deal with the woman behind closed doors.   He can’t follow other people’s suggestions or even their examples.   A man has to do what’s right for himself.

A man also can’t worry about impressing other people with his choice.   Using the above example the social media model may make the man look good in the eyes of his peers and to the outside world but he would be miserable behind closed doors because their life purposes are not complementary.   A man should only choose that type of woman if she helps him with his purpose.

The most important decision a man will make is the woman he will choose for a mate.  Even womanizers should take care in choosing women.  The wrong woman can ruin a man’s life.   The right woman can help a man rise to the stars.

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