Five sneaker releases you can’t miss out this year

Kicks, sneakers, crepz. If you love your Hip Hop, there is a decent chance that you will also be into the style aesthetic that comes with it – particularly the footwear. Perhaps unlike any other contemporary culture, the link between music and fashion is extremely strong when it comes to Hip Hop. Some might say this diminishes the music as at art form, cheapening it to some kind of advertising tool. Others would just nod their heads and appreciate these trainers for what they are. Seriously fucking cool.


These kicks have been seen worn by Kanye and his daughter, North, as well as other prominent figures of the Hip Hop world. Simplicity is the key when it comes to these shoes – the all-white theme is back. Despite this, these kicks still have so much flavour and character despite the actual colour scheme.  The sole of these bad boys is translucent plastic and the upper part of the shoe has that classic Primeknit feel. Expect a release date around Spring or Summertime.


LSD. That is what we imagine the makers of this sneaker to have been on, during the design process. Onto a base of black Primeknit material, there are specks of rainbow, spattered all over the shoe, forcing you to look twice. Overlaying these fantastical colours are the classic adidas stripes, which give a more original flavour to an otherwise crazy design. This running shoe, turned lifestyle item, is expected to be released at some point this Spring.


The Jordan Brand are expected to release a new three-shoe collection, paying homage to the iconic basketball star’s time spent at the University of North Carolina. The light blue colorway matches the iconic light blue of this academic institution.  Demand is expected to be huge and Nike will surely have scored a slam-dunk on this one. These shoes have not been made since their 2001 debut and will be available in both child and adult sizes. The legend lives on.


Word on the street is that Tinker Hatfield, the designer behind the Nike Air Jordan collection has started working on the Air Jordan 32. However, a specific design has not yet been unveiled to the public, so you will have to hold tight on this one. We are sure it is going to be another classic.

  • NIKE VAPORMAX Comme Des Garcon

Wearing these trainers will be like wearing the future on your feet. These sneakers combine the forward-looking, innovative approach of Comme des Garcons designer, ReiKawakubo, with the signature style of a Nike Air. In the past, Nike Air units were insulated by two layers of rubber in order to protect the design, but technological innovation means that designers have now been able to develop a single exterior layer to do the job.

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