Five Strategies to become your own bank with Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, and an Exodus Wallet

Five Strategies to become your own bank with Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, and an Exodus Wallet


Crypto currencies have taken such long distance strides of increased value above global fiat currencies, of which no government can influence or control regarding the rise to freedom to which crypto currencies can provide to users, so, in essence, crypto currencies are more valuable than money and further demonstrates that people have the power not governments, corporations, big business, nor the elites whom have ruined this world through their barbaric insidious rulership for hundreds of years unabated.

Crypto currencies have given the masses the opportunity to break free of the central banking hegemony over humanity which has enslaved, tortured, imprisoned, manipulated, dumbed down, shackled with debt, taxes, under employment, poverty, racism, terrorism, war, toxic GMO foods, polluted eco systems, geo political aggressions, sexual perversion beyond words, lost of freedom to live, learn, share, love, travel, invest, build, create, and innovate while collectively resolving the problems and challenges that infect all life on this planet, and those who are wide awake must take appropriate actions to end this onslaught.

By not using the elites of control fiat currency which enslaves and destroy all that touches it, humanity now has a head start to reject this nemesis to humanity, the central bank and all its connecting parts and monetary elements, Bitcoin as a reference note was valued at $1750 one week ago, and as of 5/21/17 the price value is currently $2025 US dollars, my question to you is, will any bank give you 10% interest on your money in one week?

Government controlled currency is by far the absolute and overwhelmingly most destructive obstacle that encumbers humanity and all life to its detriment, followed closely by religion, racism, and politics, all of  which has proven historically to initiate long term destructive results.

Evolution is the antithesis of revolution, while evolution denotes continuous progress forward, revolution begins as an initiative for change, yet often devolves backwards into the hands and control of the architects whom controlled it all to begin with, the process usually involves controlling or manipulating the leadership, the narrative, subversion of the direction and initial objectives within the revolution.

So, just as the crypto eco space is totally decentralized, so to must be all movements for freedom, defined exclusively in silence, yet defined by those who fight for their freedom cognizant of the tactics and abilities of the architects of control objectives to ultimately defeat the aspirations and actions of us who choose freedom over modern day slavery, envisaged by the western world governments architects, enhanced by their exclusive think tanks, enforced by their utterly brutal layers of violent enforcement arms, cryptography the blockchain and crypto currencies must now improve and expand crucial functions and features of these technologies to maintain their lead against the architects of control abilities to catch up. It is this premise and only this premise which will make us free and keep us free.

It would be irresponsible of me not to understand the ground on which we stand, the enemy to humanity exist as a duality, not a singular, how so? we the masses actually carry out much of what enslaves us through employment to those who enslaves us, and this reality is the duality that perpetuates self sabotage.

Sun Tzu expresses it in this way regarding the battle, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

The enemy that humanity faces, include ourselves and those around us, freedom seekers must never underestimate the abilities of the opponent in view, their capacities and abilities are formidable with our help unfortunately, therefore affording this enemy, capacities of a relentless nature in its pursuit to retain the enslavement of humanity at all cost, acknowledge this truth on your journey to freedoms evolution.

Becoming Your Own Bank and Banker

Step one:  Setup your Exodus wallet, you may also setup a blockchain wallet as well, now right down the passwords and details for each account, especially your blockchain account, as it has many more important elements than the Exodus wallet which is downloaded on to your computer or as a phone App.

Step two:  Purchase as much Bitcoin as you can through a service such as Localbitcoins, follow the instructions presented, you will have to have the cash to deposit into the sellers bank account which will go into an escrow account, you will then mark the transaction of the deposit completed, you will be asked to submit a copy of the receipt to the seller via the website, you may take a photo of the receipt with your phone and submit the image, or you may scan the receipt and send it that way. shortly afterwards, your Bitcoin will be sent to your wallet.

Step three:  Chose a platform that enable you to obtain Bitcoin through accrual, I will not name any of the sites, you must do your own due-diligence, research, and investigation to determine which set of platforms work best in your interest. And, there are several very reputable platforms that will do the job provided that you learn the ins and out of each platform thoroughly. The best strategy is to have one platform for daily crypto currency accrual, weekly crypto currency accrual, and long term crypto currency accrual which may be managed on your PC with Google authenticator installed and used each time you log into any of your Crypto currency accounts on both PCs and Smartphone’s for the best security options

Step four: Obtain a crypto debit card such as the Wirex debit card designed for crypto currencies if you are not a US citizen (Slave) or, if you are a US citizen you may obtain a bitpay card or others which will require an inordinate amount of personal information before any substantial percentage of Bitcoin can be used from the card. Once you have completed this process, fund each one of your accounts which should be three in total, daily accrual, weekly accrual, and long term accrual, these platforms offer binary BTC accrual as well as referral bonuses which regularly increase your BTC accrual percentage.

Your total BTC and crypto currencies will be submitted to your wallet of choice, diversify your wallets percentage of crypto currencies, or 70/40 etc.

Re-invest your BTC from your three platforms back into those platforms to upgrade your accounts for a higher accrual rate, once you have achieved the equivalence of BTC worth your local Fiat currency $100 per day, allow the crypto currency accrual rate to become at least $150 to $200 fiat currency dollars per day, then use $100 daily to re-invest into the platforms to upgrade your BTC accrual accounts, always paying close attention to the proper management of your accounts and the guidelines which govern your accounts, while using  $100 to cover your living expenses, this approach will free up your time, your mind, and your money to re-invent your life outside of the matrix of slavery. (good riddance to bad rubbish)

Step Five:  Internationalize yourself if you are ready to leave the matrix indefinitely, this means you must begin to economize, down size, liquidate and vacate the matrix, how is this done? cut back the bulk of your expenses to a minimal, then liquidate most of your possession through sales, swaps etc, any way to exchange personal items for value to obtain means which enable you to secure more BTC to invest.

Once you have achieved this entire progress to free yourself, obtain your passport, visa, and plane tickets to travel to a location unencumbered by the rules that govern the matrix and live free, there are extra endeavors which some jurisdictions offer which can in fact increase your abilities to enjoy your freedom from the matrix exponentially, and they are, set up an LLC or IBC owned by a trust or foundation which manages the entity as well as obtain a safety deposit box outside of the matrix as well, this gives you layered privacy and security, you may also setup bank accounts under these entities outside of the matrix, which again gives you access to the world of business and profits unattainable within the jurisdictions of the matrix.

At which point, if you so choose, may be the moment in which you may consider applying for citizenship in a country of your choosing, but be cautions when evaluating various countries and their national characteristics regarding laws, taxes, marriage, children, property, crime, business, movement of capital, extradition laws with the west etc.

There is no one way to achieve these liberating endeavors, but is in fact feasible and doable in a relatively short period of time, but only if action is taken right now, today, without delay, the managers of the matrix are capable of extreme acts of disruption, oppression, violence, and the utter insolence in the obfuscation of justice.

Live free and stay free, exit the matrix, because as crypto currencies increase in value and public use, expect deep state orchestrated events aimed at defaming crypto currencies to emerge in frequency, just know for sure who will be behind these acts, including but not limited to viruses that infect the crypto space various enterprises and online platforms, banks, as well as crypto wallets, the blockchain and more, and as we know, only state sponsored technical capacities and capital could pull off such actions of magnitude, and we can all be sure that they will blame some country in which they oppose as being the culprit, just watch and see, all accolades to the crypto space!

Keep Growing and Learning

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