Forget Your New Years Resolutions

It is the beginning of a new year and I want you to be prepared for life. You will experience some things you don’t expect. The positive. The negative. The good. The bad. I’m not praying for evil to befall any of us but life happens. Not everyone who goes out in the morning comes back home in the evening. Everyone who is born into this world must surely die someday. It is a must. Everyday, people are born into the world. Everyday, people must leave the world. No controversy about that.

What is my point? There are some realities of life that religion can never take away. No amount of prayers can wipe them off. We need to understand some basic things of life so that we don’t just keep wasting our time on unnecessary things. There are things to pray about and there are things to act upon. There are times to call on God and there are times to call on yourself. God won’t do for you what you are capable of doing for yourself. Trust God. And trust yourself. You can create your own miracles by doing the things you should do.

Don’t pray when you should work. Don’t work when you should pray. Trust in the Lord with all your heart but don’t allow your brain to go on vacation. You will need it too. This is the beginning of 2018. The first month. It is the best time to be whatever you want to be at the end of the year. Whatever you will become at the end of this year starts at the beginning of this year. You need to be sincere with yourself. Don’t allow anyone to fool you with anything. Do you remember your goals? You’ll need money to do a lot of things this year.

Meanwhile, don’t expect people to throw money at you. Don’t expect people to give you money freely, without giving them anything in return. It doesn’t happen often, unless you want to set yourself up for disappointment. The money you need to make your dreams come true will be made by you. You’ll work for it. And please, don’t deceive yourself by telling yourself that money is not everything. Don’t let anyone also tell you that money is not everything. It is. Money is everything. It is the blood that runs in our bodies.

The truth is, everything needs money. It is better for you to know this now so that you don’t get disappointed later by holding unto the wrong belief. When they tell you that money can’t buy happiness, remind them that neither poverty can. The truth remains that when you have money in your pocket, you can easily get anything and everything you want. You can buy exotic things and date beautiful women. We all know some things can’t be bought with money, but the availability of money can give you the comfort of things that money can buy.

Maybe I should remind you to expect the best and also prepare for the worst this year. Not everything will always go according to your plans. As humans, we are always full of expectations. But expectations do hurt. It is better to live life freely. If you want or desire or expect something, make sure that you work hard enough to turn that into a reality by yourself. Don’t rely on any Messiah. Never expect anything out of anyone. You can expect things from only one person, on the whole earth. And that person is you.

Be deliberate. Take responsibility for your life. However, there are very few things in life you have control over. You might be in control over what you eat or how you dress or how you talk, but other things are just out of your hands. The best you can do is learn how to adapt to changes instead of trying to navigate your life. Sometimes you just have to let fate decide, and you never know, it might direct you toward something great. Finally, believe that greatness is possible and be ready to sacrifice for it. Remember, any thing that doesn’t cost you anything will hardly add anything to your life. Your freedom in 2018 must cost you something. Now, get to work.

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