Formidable Leaders Do So With Specificity

Google defines a leader as, “the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.” The oxford definition reads, “a person who leads a group of people, especially the head of a country, an organization, etc..” Many do not see the difference between the two definitions, but there is. Communication is a vital part in the social life of a modern human being and words are the fundamental currency. Truly understanding the difference between the two definitions accurately illustrates a special skillset. This article will define the elements a leader encompasses, what specificity is to a leader, and how the ability to successfully utilize the art of focus sets a positive precedent in a persons’ universe.
The target audience of both this article and the Negromanospere is Black Men. Because this target audience includes this writer, our perspectives intersect more than once. One of those universal intersections can be family. Of course, what defines the idea or quality of what the ideal family equates is subjective to each person. This expectation is true even for Black Men. Expecting all Black Men to agree on the family dynamic, like anything, is unrealistic and only will increase unneeded psychological strain. Fully coming to terms with this reality should result in less of a stressful existence, especially if specificity is in proper use. Too many times a leader, with a loose application of specificity, will showcase why their application needs tightening. Although a loose application of specificity, in the case of materializing familial standards, can manifest itself in a myriad of ways, it usually ends detrimentally for Black Men. Albeit, there are a multitude of scenarios that could spell trouble for the Black Man the cure many times is social and physical awareness. To be socially and physically aware, a man must know and accept his mission statement. Theoretically speaking, if he experiences the misfortune associated with the downfall of the Black family, it can be due to his unwillingness to live what he believes he wants.
A significant portion of The Negromanosphere has made it clear its stances on the family. More specifically, there is a demand for better behavior from Black Women. This writer does agree that Black Women in general have a string of behavioral traits that can be described as repulsive; however, this request is incomplete without balance. Among the relevant sayings many elders expressed to me is, “You want to fly with eagles, you can’t hang with turkeys.” An audience can be won or lost by one statement, especially if it is not specific enough. Simply using this saying as a response to a woman who, in your opinion, does not make sound life decisions could equate to an insult. Still, a person tends to attract that of the life they lead. More relevant to building a family or attracting the key parts of one, a Black Man who is a formidable leader understands that the way he lived his life before this activating this process cannot be ignored. The goal to attain a peaceful existence in fluid and requires balance. If a Black Man is sexually irresponsible it is not accurate enough to say that there is a great chance, he will attract the same quality of woman. The issue with the said sexually liberated man as it is with the woman is when they do not accept this behavior as their own. More specifically, the most objectionable part of this thought process will be when he expects his wife to be sexually responsible when he hasn’t the ability to apply this quality in his own life. Just to be clear, human beings have a propensity to change when they want to. Changing, all species, requires work for all men; as it is necessary for peace in the family. The harsh reality for the sexually promiscuous Black Man is to either accept the wives that are in his grasp or evolve. Understanding this reality requires, physical and social awareness and when they are combined it results in a Black man living a life enthralled in positivity.
Living a life enthralled in positivity describes a path a man has chosen. I will matter not the cultural background of a Black Man. If a Black Man falls in love with the process of accomplishing his checkpoints, the set of precedents he has set for himself, along the way, will prepare him for the future. Consequently, if a Black Man’s acceptance of this process is met with consistency his behavior adds a healthy dose of optimism. The reason a Black Man could experience success is due delving into a process that enables him to be honest about himself, his intentions, and the effort he is willing to exude to accomplish a checkpoint.
One of the key words used in the introduction (utilize) simply translates to the word application. Similar to individuals who make up the world’s population the perspectives are countless and to listen to all of them requires unnecessary noise. The only way any person or society can produce the peace that is required for any facet of progress is extreme focus. Utilizing the art of extreme focus requires an understanding and proper application of specificity and is the fundamental makeup of a leader. Even the mastery of these qualities and consistency by competent leader will not result in perfection; however, the acceptance of mediocrity is a leader’s proverbial anti- life equation. If a Black Man truly thinks he deserves a sexually responsible wife, who’s value of family is conducive to peace , and loves the process of maintaining a life enthralled in positivity, he must commit to the process of a life enthralled in positivity. You do not prepare yourself by investing in women who are the antithesis of your expectations in real time. Save your time and don’t complain Black Man. Do more with your energy by harnessing that energy to master your expectations. Even when you come up short, you have created a Formidable Leader who stands on his principles in his house.

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