#ForThatDickChallenge shows how degenerate and slutty American females have become

So I’m in the middle of my squats at the gym this morning when my man Oshay Duke Jackson calls me and says “Nigga! You heard of that for that dick challenge??? It’s all over YouTube bruh!” I did one quick search and and my iPad almost melted with everything that came up. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, you name it the For That Dick Challenge is all over the internet.

Basically the FTD challenge is the latest social media phenomenon predicated on females freestyle rapping about the lengths they would go to in order to get some dick. Admittedly a lot of them are funny, creative, and pretty solid as far as rap skills go. But the fact that American females would jump on this (pun intended) so quickly and blindly shows just how far they’ve fallen in terms of lack of femininity, thirst, and overall sluttiness.

Check this one out:

As clever and creative as this was this chick looks like a dumb ass ho. Nevermind this is on the internet forever, if she ever gets married or has kids, her kids could do a search and find out what their ho ass mama would do for that dick. They’ll all have a good laugh about it but at the end of the day, this makes her look like a dumb ass bitch.

Further, she talks about cheating on her man, supporting Donald Trump (which in the black community is the new scarlet letter), and committing murder…just for some cock. People may say she’s just kidding and that it’s all done in fun, and tongue and cheek but this video is a microcosm of the sad state of today’s women and they seem to be reveling in it.

Are there long term consequences?

One of the many blindspots women have these days is there lack of awareness of the long term consequences of their short term decisions. They don’t consider the fact that fucking 10 guys in 10 days and being an epic ho through their 20s all but destroys their chance at true happiness because they’re unable to pair bond with a man sexually. It never occurs to them as they swallow another load or take another cock in their asses that the more she does this the further away she pushes herself from a relationship of consequence with a man she respects and loves and closer to a lifetime of sitting at home alone on weekends popping antidepressants and sleeping pills to deal with the fact that she’s ruined for life.

“So we found your video about what you’d do for that dick. Can you explain that?”

What if one of these amateur free style rappers interviews for the job of her dreams and her potential employer sees her talking about the fact that she’d kill for that dick? What if someone in her family sees it? How would they explain it? What if her pastor or fellow parishioners (because you know church bitches are hoes too) sees her video online?

Ask any one of these females any of the above questions and they’d likely ignore it because like everything in their lives not only do they not think anything will happen as a result of their bad decisions, they foolishly believe that in the vast ocean that is the internet, that people who actually matter in their lives wont’ find out.


Females get dick without trying so why would they talk about what they’d do for it?

It’s common knowledge in these parts that women get much more dick than men get pussy. Any man with red pill awareness knows that women are the gatekeepers of sex, and men are the gatekeepers of commitment. We also know that it’s easy for women to be sluts because sex is abundant for them, and being a player who sleeps with a lot of men is very difficult because sleeping with beautiful women on the regular isn’t easy.

I talked about this in a previous episode:

All of that said, why the fuck would females freestyle rap about the extensive lengths they’d go to in order to acquire something they get easily and in abundance?


These bitches are out here jumping on some bullshit bandwagon for attention and are willing to talk about what they’d essentially pay for something they can get for free. Even celebrities are getting in on the act because females can never get enough attention:

But it doesn’t stop there. After they upload these ridiculous videos, they take to social media to brag about it and include the link where people can find them being dumb sluts on camera.


This trend is another example of why women can’t figure out why dudes have given up on committing to them long term and just using them for sex. Thing is, they seem to give less of a shit about it as time goes on, yet, they’re getting louder and louder with their complains about why “there are no good men out there anymore.”

Women are hive minded creatures who are incapable of thinking for themselves. This explains why they all go running off a cliff like lemmings if other women make whatever bad behavior they’re engaging in look fun, exciting, and gets them attention. It won’t be long before this escalates to girls making amateur porn and uploading it to Twitter (which will probably allow it) while singing about how much they #LoveTheD.

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