Friendzone and How to Avoid It

In the world of dating, game, relationships and love, there’s one place which no man should be found in – the dreaded, the infamous, the endlessly beta friendzone. In simpler terms, it is the one situation in which no serious person, a self-respecting man, or a player, should ever allow to happen. But after all, some men still end up there. And some dweebs even accept it and become orbiters, obediently confirming their beta status.
But what exactly is it? And how can we prevent it from happening. Well, read on and find out. We’re laying some good advice to open those closed eyes.

Cucking Yourself
First things first – any real player, with game, looks, and SMV, can hardly ever find himself in a friendzone. It would need to be one hell of a chick to pull that shit on him. But why can’t such a man be f-zoned? Simply because he is desired. He got it all – the looks, the dough, the game. He’s the α.
But then, there’s the β. We wrote about Mr. β, and we mention him all the time. He’s the cuck, the so-called soy boy. A clueless, eternal nice guy who can’t see what is clearly presented before his eyes.
Now here’s a surprising statement – the one who is to blame for your friendzoned status is none other but – you! How? Well, you clearly presented yourself in a wrong way, as the β guy – the man who is not desired. You placed yourself there by not being a man enough. The only thing to do when you find yourself in the friendzone = is to disappear. Break contact, block, and fade away. Firstly, there is no way to salvage that situation and make yourself desirable again. Secondly, if you have even a shred of dignity, you will not allow yourself to be an orbiter to some thot that gave you the red card.

A & B
How to avoid being placed in a friendzone? Well it simple, and then again it is not. First thing, you need to work on your game. In one general opinion only the worst of the dweebs get placed in the friendzone. But if you’re a player, a fuckboy, then for you – it doesn’t exist. Boyfriend or no, every thot can be gamed, for the right playa. Things you want to pay attention to are – setting boundaries, taking the lead, being who you are and not giving a single flying fuck to whatever she throws at you. Always assume attraction, always make yourself be the ultimate reward. Erase the word friendship out of your vocabulary and forget that shit.
We’re using a term in this article – the orbiter. We mentioned it before, but for those of you who don’t know what it means, let’s elaborate. An orbiter is the guy who has no chance of getting laid – and is in turn a woman’s “friend”. That’s what he thinks. But what she thinks is totally different. Thots use these orbiters as walking ATM’s, as source of validation and a food for the ego. In some imagined hierarchy of men, the orbiters are at the very bottom – otherwise, worthless.
Whatever you do, never allow yourself to become one of these. Break up the myth – male and female friendships do not exist.
That’s where we realize that most of the male society is in fact split up (roughly) to A’s and B’s. Alphas and Betas. We can see a lot of spineless chinlet boys out there, 30 year old kissless virgins, who go with the grain – accepting everything that is thrown of them, and basically making themselves servile door mats.
But there are still real men out there. Remember that men need to go against the grain. Ever rebellious and ever dominant. We hope you’re one of these.

The 21st century really brings us a picture of a metric shit-ton of soy boy dweebs that are putting the dirt on men as a whole. This needs to stop, so you need to always do your own thing, follow your instincts and do whatever the fuck it is that you want to do. That ability is what makes you a man.
Comment below and share your thoughts. What do you think of orbiters? Ever been friendzoned? We sure as hell hope you haven’t.

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