How to be a Gentleman without being a simp


A while back, fellow columnist Dee Simm and I dropped our magnum opus and introduction to the Negro Manosphere ebook, How to Stop Simpin’ in 24 hours.

In that book, we discussed that men who treat women well, get shit on, while men who shit on women, get the best treatment. Men here who have taken the Brother Pill have committed this to memory so this concept is nothing new.

But a question we get a lot in these parts is how do we treat the women we actually like? What if we actually like the girl outside of sex? What if we meet a woman who is actually a good woman? Do we treat her poorly to get good treatment?

Those are all good questions and this column will address the answers. The key is to be a gentlemen, without being a simp. Girls don’t really like being treated like shit but because most men worship the ground they walk on, they take good treatment for granted and don’t value it as much.

So we have to walk a fine line between treating a (deserving) woman like a lady and acting like a thirsty simp. That said here are 5 ways to be a gentleman without looking thirsty.

#1 – When holding hands your hand is in front

Your hand must be in front

When holding hands with a female you are expected to lead. And to lead your hand must be in the front position. Women want to be lead. They don’t want to lead despite what they may say.

This may sound complicated but it’s not. If your hand is behind hers she will feel like she’s in control and a woman who is in control of a man is not relaxed. If your hand is in the front, she feels like you are leading her which makes her feel relaxed and stress free.

#2 – Walk on the outside

When walking down the street with your woman, you are to walk on the outside, closest to the traffic. The idea here is that you are putting yourself between your woman and potential danger and it’s one of the most gentlemanly things a man can do for a woman.

Again, this relaxes her knowing that you not only do this for her and that you see her as worthy of protection, she fills up with adoration for you for showing her that you care about her.

When you do this, don’t make a spectacle of it. Don’t make a big production out of switching sides or say “Here, let me walk on the outside so I can protect you!” Simply ease to the street side, grab her hand, and proceed.

#3 – Open all doors for her

Opening doors for a woman is standard operating procedure in terms of treating a woman like a lady. This includes restaurant doors and car doors.

The main reason to do this is because it is what gentlemen do. But there is a secondary reason for this as well: A woman opening her own doors is not feminine.

Females are supposed to be soft, passive, and ladylike. Any woman who bolts ahead of you to open the door to prove she can do it is a woman who is only good for a nail and bail. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like a lady and subconsciously she knows it which is why she pulls this nonsense in the first place.

Women of all ages greatly appreciate having their doors opened for them. They know what it represents (your favorable opinion of them) and will motivate them to continue exuding true femininity.

#4 – Always drive

It’s great if your woman has a car, but when you two are together YOU MUST ALWAYS DRIVE. Allowing a woman to drive you around, again, gives her power over you. Like I said before, women don’t want power over men. They want nothing more than to surrender to a man they love and respect.

These hood niggaz you see riding around with these rachet ass bitches? Don’t pay attention to that. Any woman who drives her man around and still respects him is a woman who has very low self worth.

Relaxation, once again, is the main reason for this. If a woman has to drive, she has to keep her eyes on the road, find where y’all are going, and all the rest of that. If all of these things are running through her mind she is not relaxed. And a non relaxed woman will not have sex with you…period.

Women want to enjoy the ride and in order to do that you need to drive every time. As a man it is your job to make sure she feels safe, relaxed, and stress free. Whether it’s just down the street to pick up some bottled water, or a night on the town, never ever let your woman drive you around. She will thank you for it in many ways.


…only treat women this way if they deserve it. Treating a woman like a lady who isn’t acting like one is simp behavior. Never reward an undeserving woman. She will punish you for it. Instead, wait until she proves that she is worthy of such treatment, then act accordingly.

Also keep in mind none of this stuff directly costs you money. You’re not giving her anything, you’re not spending money on her, none of that. You’re remaining the masculine man with the backbone to keep her in line, while treating her like a gentleman. Something all women want in the long run.

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