Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete Review

There is a lot that has been said before about the veterancy and the established reliability that is found in the products that come from the famed Gerber company. One of the best when it comes to camping, survival tools and equipment, in particular knives, Gerber has been one of the leading brands in the market today. This reputation has been built solely upon years and years of refined products, perfectly crafted with care and consideration in order to satisfy every aspect of the perfect survival gear. This is why words are often needles when it comes to Gerber and the nature of their products. Every camping enthusiast and outdoorsman has had some experience with their vast range of survival gear that span a great array of items. In the recent years, growing ever popular, is their particular, specialized line of gear crafted in partnership with the famous survivalist and outdoorsman Bear Grylls. Combining the craftsmanship and knowledge of Gerber, with the survival expertise and fresh designs from Mr. Grylls, we saw the creation of a specific line of tools that is crafted with utmost care for the modern survivalist.
One of the items we’re going to talk about today, is the Bear Grylls Parang. Read on and find out just what makes this tool so special and unavoidable for every outdoorsman.

Introducing the Parang
The parang is the traditional Malaysian and Southeast Asian tool; a large knife often reminiscent of a machete. This tool can be a perfect addition for every time spent in the wilderness, mostly because of its successful, perfected design and a plethora of uses.  Most often the perfect parang is 30cm (12”) long, with the widest point of the blade being no more than 5cm (2”). An ideal one should weigh less than a kilo, and have a wooden handle with the tang of the blade bolted firmly into it. Such a design ensures maximum durability of the tool and the ability of use in most rugged terrains and habitats.
The blade of the parang is specific because through its design it offers three different edges, each one suitable for a different area of work. This fact alone makes the parang an incredibly useful addition to your gear. There’s the very tip of the blade, angled sharply, making it perfect for skinning and slicing, and similar peculiar works. Then there is the middle part, or the characteristic ‘belly’ of the blade, which is best for the toughest jobs of cutting and chopping. In the end there is the base of the blade, ideally positioned for sharpening stakes, or cutting grooves and wedges.

The Bear Grylls Parang
This tool is yet another proof that Gerber is always the perfect choice for the customer that seeks that perfected balance between quality and affordability. Because the product you will get for the amount asked is the perfected addition for any outdoorsman.
The design features all the aspects of this tool that were perfected through centuries of use by the Malaysian bushcrafters and indigenous peoples, but combining it with modern designs and materials we are presented with the ultimate blend between modern and old. This combination ensures ultimate reliability and the best results.

The Gerber Bear Grylls Parang is a bit longer than the standard designs, at 19,5” , and is made from high carbon steel, enhancing its effectiveness, durability and making it easy to hold an edge and sharpen. An added and important bonus is the full tang construction. This means that the tang of the blade covers the entire length, including the handle. This is important for the overall durability of the tool and the strength when in use. The grip features the trademark ergonomic handle, with rubberized, textured rubber that minimizes any chances of slipping and makes use in all weathers easy.
The blade features the usual edge retaining coating, making it anti-corrosive and protected against the elements, which goes a long way for tools like this, which are often used in rugged environments and damp climates. Paired with the included lightweight, military grade, mildew resistant nylon sheath, the blade ends up well protected when not in use, going a long way in keeping the longevity of the parang.

All things considered, it is undeniably obvious that a parang is an incredibly important, reliable and useful tool to have with you when you venture out into the wilderness. Tried and tested by generations of survivalists, the recent years saw it popularized by veteran outdoorsmen such as John Wiseman, Ray Mears and Bear Grylls who praised it for its usefulness and good results in the bush. With praise from specialists, it quickly picked up and was quickly becoming popular amongst the leading brands in the market today. Many of the renowned brands today, like the Gerber, Condor, Fiskars, Buck and Elk Ridge, offer their own versions of the parang,  so the choices are many and all of them are relatively affordable for most budgets. Find the design best suited for your needs and don’t hesitate to incorporate this ultimate survival tool into your setup.

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