Wanna Be More Popular with Women? Get Rid of that Belly

If you are a single heterosexual man, and you want to improve your love life, sex life, and overall social life, there is nothing more important than making sure you maintain an attractive, healthy, sexually appealing physique

I remember browsing health and fitness magazines at a newsstand on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills one day in September 2000. I have been a health and fitness enthusiast off and on since high school, and during that same year, I was employed at L.A. Fitness in the Miracle Mile neighborhood of Los Angeles on Wilshire Boulevard.

In one particular magazine, they had a featured article that was representative of a survey of the magazine’s female readers conducted by several health and fitness clubs regarding which specific parts of a man’s physique that women placed the most emphasis on in ranked order.

The survey did not include anything related to a man’s facial features, electing instead to focus only on a man’s body from the neck on down to the feet. For some reason, I naturally assumed a man’s penis would be ranked as the number one body part on a man’s physique that would draw the most attention from women, but I was wrong (a man’s penis was ranked #4).

Before I focus on the body part that was ranked #1, I will list the remaining body parts (to the best of my memory) in ranked order:

2. (tie) a wide, muscular chest
2. (tie) the upper back muscles known as “lats”
3. broad, muscular shoulders
4. a penis that is at least average in length, and preferably above-average in girth / thickness
5. neck
6. nice hands
7. buttocks / glutes
8. biceps / triceps
9. thighs / hamstrings
10. muscular calves
11. feet
12. forearms

(note: because I do not have the specific issue of the magazine to reference, one or two of the rankings could be off beginning with #7 thru #12, but I vividly remember which body parts were ranked #1 thru #6)

Which body part was ranked number one?


Believe it or not, there was a time centuries ago when added weight on a man and even a fat stomach was considered somewhat of a “status symbol” and a sign of wealth and prosperity. In the last few decades? Not so much.

According to the survey I read in this magazine, nothing diminishes a woman’s physical attraction to a man and her interest in sharing a man’s company sexually more than a man who is in possession of a significantly large, flabby waistline and a fat, out-of-shape stomach.

Conversely, nothing turns a woman on more visually in a man then when a man possesses what is known as a “V-shaped torso,” which usually is representative of a wide, muscular chest and upper back, broad shoulders, and a flat, lean, muscular stomach and relatively small waistline. Most physique experts assert that a man’s waistline should be a minimum of eight inches less than the size of their chest and upper back (for example, if your chest / upper back measures in at 44 inches, then your waistline should be no larger than 36 inches).

I remember watching a feature on the R & B singer, Usher, and in one portion of the interview, he was working out with a personal trainer. The woman interviewing him asked him, “Is there any one part of your body that you emphasize the most?” Usher’s quick response was, “Oh, for sure, my stomach. Women go crazy over my six pack abs when I am performing with my shirt off.  Many of them want to touch my abs.”

Based on my own personal experience, I would have to agree with Usher. When I was in high school, I was “heavyset” or “chunky” for most of my sophomore year and junior year. Then, because of my aspiration to earn a spot on the varsity basketball team my senior year, I worked out like crazy the summer before the beginning of my last year of high school.

The “bad” news? I failed to make the varsity basketball team for the second year in a row (but my intramural team were champions!).

The “good” news? Because of my “new and improved” physique … and more specifically, a leaner and more muscular stomach and much smaller waistline … my popularity with the girls skyrocketed during my final year of high school.


I often get asked by many of my male clients, “Alan, just how important are a man’s looks to his ability to attract and seduce women?”

My general response would be, “It depends on the woman.” For some women, a man’s physical appearance and level of physical attractiveness might be 80-90% of what determines if a woman will have sex with a man. For many other women, looks might only be 25-40% of what determines a woman’s interest in sharing a man’s company romantically or sexually.

I would argue that when a woman is in search of a long-term boyfriend or future husband, there are many non-physical attributes that are just as important if not far more important to a woman than just his level of physical attractiveness. A few would be his level of intelligence, his emphasis on maintaining a strictly monogamous relationship or marriage with a woman, his moral character and integrity, and his degree of career success and financial stability.

On the other hand, if a woman is seeking out a temporary or short-term casual sex lover (a.k.a. a “fuck buddy”), then a man’s level of physical attractiveness along with him maintaining a confident, highly self-assured demeanor and above-average verbal communication skills with a sense of seductive charm become a huge factor in determining if a man will successfully be able to get a woman to exchange orgasms with her.

Studies have shown that women – generally speaking – do not place as much emphasis on men’s facial looks as men do with women, but from the neck-on-down, a large percentage of women place just as much emphasis on a man’s body (in terms of weight and body fat percentage) as men do with women.

No man has to look like a marquee sex symbol movie star, a fitness model, or a popular male stripper to be successful with women, but if you have a large beer belly and a chest and waistline that is totally flabby, then it might be time to begin working on improving your eating habits and nutrition as well as begin to incorporate more and more cardiovascular and weight training exercises into your day-to-day week-to-week habits during your free time.

Aim for developing that flat muscular six-pack abs stomach and smaller, leaner waistline, and in a few weeks or months, you might just find yourself on the receiving end of a higher number of flattering stares from women.

Get focused!

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