Get Swole: 3 Quick Tips on Building Muscle

You want to get swole and start building muscle, huh? I hear you, brah. Most brothas share that goal but not all of them achieve it. Are you willing to do what it takes to build muscle?

Building muscle is like sex, you get better at doing it with time. You weren’t performing like a pornostar the first time you got some pussy, so don’t expect to be mistaken for a bodybuilder (or fitness model) a month after getting your gym membership. It takes time!

Within that time, you need to implement necessary tips to maximize your muscle-building potential. Here are 3 tips that will help you get your “swole on”.


Drink At Least 3 Liters of Water Per Day



You cannot start off bodybuilding efforts without your main life source! Water not only keeps you alive but also is essential to building and maintaining lean muscle mass. Think about the properties that muscle consists of. Muscle tissue is comprised of protein, but most forget (or don’t even know) that it also consists of 75% water. That makes sense since your body is approximately 70% water.

How much should you drink? It depends on several factors such as age, average activity level, height, environment, etc. But to keep it simple, aim to drink AT LEAST 3 liters of water (or 96 ounces) per day. Unless you’re on an episode of The Walking Dead, it should be easy to drink this much water.

Do Pushups Throughout the Day



If getting swole is your goal, pushups should be a stable within your workout regimen. From the military to the penitentiary, pushups have been the go-to exercise to not only build muscle, but whip folks in shape period. It is an important exercise that every quality workout regimen should include, especially if building muscle is your goal.

When getting swole is the goal, most brothas simply want a broad chest. As you can tell by cats in prison, the pushup is one of the best chest exercises ever. The exercise builds and strengthens the chest as well as the arms and shoulders.

Another beautiful thing about pushups is they can be done practically anywhere. So, you can do them at gym, home, work, or your side chick’s house. If you really want to get swole, make it a goal to do at least 50 pushups per day. When that gets too easy, add 25 pushups to that number. If you desire to build an upper echelon physique one day, aim for 3500 pushups a day like retired pro football player Herschel Walker!


Incorporate Eggs into Your Diet



Before all these fancy protein powder drinks and supplements, old-school bodybuilders guzzled down eggs. Now, am I telling you to drink eggs? Hell nah! Don’t risk getting salmonella to add inches to your biceps. However, cooking and eating eggs does wonders for your muscles.

Eggs contain all 8 essential amino acids that are needed for muscle recovery and muscle growth. Packed with 6 grams of protein per serving, they have helped countless bodybuilders and athletes add muscle mass. In addition, they contain valuable minerals like calcium, zinc and iron that aids in the muscle-building process.

So, make sure your lady scrambled them eggs for ya’ in the morning, playa!



There is a plethora of other ‘building muscle’ tips you should follow as your body progresses. However, following these three tips builds a solid foundation. Now, start using them and build a solid physique!
















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