Once You Go Black You CAN’T Go Back

There’s a saying among women (white girls in particular) when referring to dating, fucking, or hooking up with black dudes.

“Once you go black, you don’t go back!”

What this means is that once a woman has a sexual experience with a black male, she won’t be interested in going back to dating white guys or any other race of male on account of the wild and crazy sexcapade she had with a brother.

I’m not a white girl so I can’t speak to whether or not this is true. However, I have a saying to piggy back off of that one that rings true in this regard:

“Once you go black, you can’t go back.”

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If she’s seen with this dude around town white dudes will avoid her like the plague

Women are extremely influenced by perceived social pressure whether they admit it or not. All of their decisions from what they wear to where they work to the cars they drive, in their minds, are heavily scrutinized by just about everyone they know.

Of course, this isn’t really the case. Sure, a friend of hers might comment on her new shoes or the fact that she needs to find a new job or that her boyfriend is a loser but after that 45 second conversation her friend isn’t thinking about her anymore. She’s thinking about herself. The problem is women don’t realize this. They’re under the impression that everyone around them, men and women alike, are constantly  judging everything they do all the time as though they have nothing else to do other than watch and talk about her and only her.

This speaks to the extreme solipsism of the female species. More importantly, it’s the reason that when they mess with black guys a lot of them feel like they can’t date white guys anymore. In her mind if she’s seen with a brother, she knows she’s probably ‘off limits’.

So why are white girls ‘off limits’ once she messes with black guys?

Simple. Because white men show them and tell them that once they’re marked as a ‘mudshark’ she is then considered undateable, unfuckable, unmarryable, etc. White men would never admit this out loud or in a group but black men are a threat to them in terms of SMV. Yes, white guys are at the top of the sexual market food chain (meaning all things being equal white girls prefer white men), but conventional wisdom in their circles is that man for man black men are physically superior, have more game, and are much better between the sheets than they are.

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Not all black men look like this but this is what white men assume when they hear a white girl has a black boyfriend

Whether or not this is true doesn’t matter. The fact is that mainstream media as black males as static alphas who generate tingles with every action. Then you factor interracial porn into the mix where every black male actor has a far above average penis size which further perpetuates the ‘big black cock’ myth/fetish it’s no wonder white dudes stay away from white girls who’ve come to the dark side even once in their lives.

So rather than admitting the truth about their sexual market options, white girls use the word ‘don’t’ in place of ‘can’t’ to give themselves and the world the impression that they’d go back to dating white guys if they wanted to knowing they probably couldn’t if word got out about her proclivities to commingle with brothers.

Is this about skin tone?

In short, no. If I were interested in a woman, approached her, set up a meetup, and listened to her swoon over her ex boyfriend who was 6’5” at 3% body fat who was worth 7 figures and had a 12” cock I wouldn’t set up a second date and his race would be of little consequence.

Whether this mythical man were Black, White, Asian, or Hispanic would be of little consequence. The fact that I don’t measure up statistically to her ex is what would keep me away and not his race.

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His skin tone doesn’t matter if he’s an alpha

White men live the make believe scenario above every time they see a good looking white girl with a black guy in public. No, they can’t assume what his net worth is but if he’s in decent shape They automatically assume that he’s fucking her like a porn star with his over sized dick.

In his mind, he knows he’ll never be able to fuck her or take her on the emotional roller coaster rides he appears to be doing. If he saw a pretty white girl with a white guy who was tall, good looking, and self assured he’d have the same assumptions.

So this ‘scarlet letter’ has more to do with the perceived persona of black men and less with our skin tone.


White fathers agree with me

A while back I did a podcast called “Why Do Parents Discourage Their Teens From Interracial Dating?” In that episode I stated that if white fathers showed their daughters what a strong, masculine, head of household was rather than allowing themselves to be bossed around and marginalized by their wives, their daughters would be far less likely to date outside their race…namely black guys.

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Say what you want but memes like this exist for a reason

Another element I pointed out was that white fathers know that if their white daughters had a reputation for dating black men (or boys in high school) she would essentially take herself out of the running to secure a high value white male…at least in the city or county they live in.

They can say whatever they want or give a politically correct answer if asked in public but they know the score which is that if their daughters date, fuck, hookup with, marry, or have a baby by a black man (which would eliminate any plausible deniability) her options would be greatly limited in this regard.


This particular axiom is the quintessential example of women not acknowledging the truth about their status in the sexual market place if they’re ever labeled as a ‘mudshark.’ And that truth is that once she is labeled as such, short of moving to another state and starting anew with new friends, erasing all facebook or other social media pictures, she’ll be deemed as off limits by white men.

And I would agree with this assertion. White girls can act like they have the option to ‘go back’ if they chose to by proudly proclaiming they won’t but I’ve always said that women are far more aware of red pill truth than men will ever be. And it’s this reason alone that they understand very clearly that once they go black, they can’t go back.
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