Is The God of the Bible Righteous?

I want everyone reading this article to get this into their skulls. I am not a religious man. I have tried it so many times and it has never worked for me. So, I have given up on religion. There are many things we may never get to understand in this world. You may never know why you were created the way you were created. How you chose your sex. Why you belong to a particular gender. Why you were born into your family. Why you have the type of body you have. Why you have the kind of genotype and blood group that you have. And a host of other questions.

Most people think I’m atheist. They think I don’t believe in God. They are probably right. I have stopped proving myself to people. It is not necessary. They are free to hold unto whatever they think of me. The truth is, I don’t know who I am. I just know that I do not believe in most of the things that most people believe in. I’m on discovery. Few months ago, I had a conversation with a friend and I told him I believe in myself more than I believe in God. That was the end of our friendship. He stopped talking to me. But I spoke the truth. He probably wanted me to lie to him.

There is something I have come to notice about humans, especially Africans: we try to force our beliefs on other people. And when they don’t accept, we become their enemies, we hate them. This is especially true for African people. It must be noted that people who carry it on their heads that they know God are mostly intolerant. They can’t stand the truth. They will eventually prove to you that they do not know God through their actions. They always believe everything they do and say is right. They are never interested in other people’s opinions because, to them, it is useless.

They will tell you, this is the best way to talk. This is the best way to dress. This is the best way to kiss. This is the best way to dance. This is the best way to eat. This is the best way to fuck. Don’t do doggy. Doggy is a taboo. Don’t do scissors. Don’t do aeroplane. Don’t do reverse cowboy. Just missionary style. That is what is acceptable before God. African religious people. They always know how you should live your life. They will tell you how to fuck your wife or husband. These religious people will always see the weaknesses of other people. They know what others are not doing rightly.

Most Nigerians still think I’m not responsible because I’m on afro hairstyle. That is how they have been mentally conditioned to think. They believe that men who have long hairs are irresponsible. They see us as thugs and bastards. They consider us outcasts. They call us bad people. But the truth is that these people have never seen us engaging in filthy or illegal things. They find it easy labelling us. They put tags on us. They think because we have long hairs we don’t have sense. They think we don’t have brains. But the people who look responsible are the ones stealing millions and cheating their fellow humans.

It is not because most of them love us that they want us to do away with our long hairs. It is because when we cut our hairs, it will make them happy, because to them, we will look like responsible people. You see their self-centeredness? They only want us to look the way they want. They don’t care about us. They don’t care if what they are asking us to do will make us happy. Most of them don’t care to know why we keep long hairs. They don’t want to know. They are not interested. They just want us to look the way they want. It doesn’t matter if we are not comfortable with what they recommend. Or if what they recommend have some kind of negative effect on us.

I think we need to be more tolerant of one another as humans. You don’t eat dog meat. I eat dog meat. You shouldn’t see me less of a human being because I eat dog and you don’t. You shouldn’t think you are more righteous than I am because you don’t eat dog meat. Beliefs are created by people. Labels are created by people. Tags are created by people. Beliefs will always be beliefs. They don’t matter, but people matter. Beliefs shouldn’t be placed above people. People are more important than beliefs.

There are gays and there are lesbians. They were created by the same God who created straight men and women. Some people don’t have affection for the opposite sex. It is not their fault. That is how they are wired. I don’t think it makes much sense to compartmentalize them. It doesn’t make sense to stigmatize them. It’s not fair to label and tag them or treat them as outcasts. They are humans like us. They are part of us. They were just not created like us. And we were not created like them. One of the disadvantages of religion is that it has created separation, enmity and hatred.

People fight for religion. They fight for beliefs. They kill themselves and destroy things in the name of religion. Everyone wants to prove to others that their own religion is the best. It is stupid to force your beliefs on other people. If you are a Christian, face your religion. Don’t pressurize others into joining you. Let your religion be personal to you. If you are a Muslim, please, continue to hit your head against the floor by yourself. Don’t force anyone to join you. Don’t tell others that they are foolish because they are practising a different religion. It is not fair when you do that.

There should be tolerance if we hope to live in harmony. Traditionalists should also be allowed to practise what they believe in. We should all stop trying to control other people’s lives just because it conflicts with our religion. We should consider other people’s comfort and welfare. Till this present moment, I’m still trying to understand why the God of the Bible loved the Israelites and hated other people from other nations. I don’t know why He chose to destroy other nations because of His love for the Israelites. Christians always say God is just and righteous. I don’t understand what they mean when they say that. Maybe they are trying to say God is selective in His love.

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