Good Men Win in the End

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There is the famous saying that Nice Guys finish last.   It is felt that the genuinely good men get the short end of the sick as far as life is concerned and especially in male/female relationships.   That is not something I believe to be true.   From my perspective truly good men win not only in the end but throughout life.  Let me explain further but first allow to define the term, “Good Men.”

There are many men who fail in life who call themselves Good Men.   They will say life is unfair to good men like themselves.   They see the bad boys winning the attention of people and seemingly getting the rewards.  Many “good men” then decide they will at least emulate Bad Boys so they can get the same rewards.   These men are not necessarily good and if they decide to become Bad Boys they had negative traits in them anyway.   Many men wear the mask of a Good Man but they are far from the genuine article.

A Good Man is the authentic man who follows some type of code of moral behavior as he moves through life.   The key word is authentic.   A Good Man is far from perfect but he strives to give his best.   Whatever his station he is not pretending to be something he is not.

A man isn’t good because he has a steady job and a home.   Some of the most evil men are affluent.   Unfortunately many men claim to be good because they do the things a normal man should take for granted.   No, it’s a man’s character which makes him someone good.

Unfortunately we live in a society where character really isn’t celebrated.   We see the Bad Boys win.   We see the Bad Boys get the best women in the neighborhood.   They are the most popular.   Many truly Good Men wonder if their path is worth it.  Yes because despite everything the Good Men win in the end.   This thing is a marathon and not a sprint.   Since this Good Man/Bad Boy dynamic is most visible in terms of male/female relationships I will use that area as an example.

The biggest issue that many Good Men have is that they see the most physically attractive women with Bad Boys or other loser types.   Those women are actually doing Good Men a favor.    A woman will always go for the type of man who reflects who she is.  If a woman values a loser over a man with character that says something about her character.   The Good Man dodged a bullet.

Often the women who deal with losers when they were young reach their old age with an accumulation of baggage.   A Good Man who walked a righteous path in his life shouldn’t have to put up with a woman who will likely drag him down.  This leads to another dynamic.

Quiet as it is kept, there are plenty of quality women out there.   The same quality women who stay away from loser type of men.   The difference between the women who chase loser men and quality women is that the quality women are not going to behave like thots.   The quality women are not going to draw as much initial attention.   They are out there though and they save their time and energy for men who doing something with their lives.

For any authentic Good Man reading this I know it seems tough at times.   Stay on your course.  Find and live your purpose.  In addition to finding the right women you will have a more fulfilling life.   A life on your terms.   A life where you are the winner.

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