Why The Good People of Imo State In Nigeria Should Worship Mr Rochas Okorocha

Rochas Okorocha

It is very common for heroes in Nigeria to go unnoticed. It has been an old tradition that heroes are neglected and treated as thrash or less. The system is designed to disregard those who genuinely take up heroic acts – like looting the treasury dry and embarking on numerous fruitless trips abroad. There has been very amazing people whose names could have made it into the great books of greatest men who ever lived but life could be funny. Look at the awesome personality of Adolf Hitler. He was a great man. He singlehandedly mistreated Jews and ensured the death of thousands of them both physically and mentally but the great man is barely celebrated. He is barely remembered. If it were in a sane world, Hitler’s image would be in every home for wiping off an innocent group of people for the sole purpose of hate. Such an unfair world!


Currently in Nigeria, there are people who should be worshipped for their visionary natures. On of such amazing people is the President of Nigeria, who came to power promising that he would upturn all the wrongs that the previous government carried out. He said he would cut costs but when he fell ill, he ran away for months, to be treated outside the country. He was given huge sums in billions to fix the Aso Rock clinic but he left it and spent more time abroad on treatments than all the Nigerian leaders ever did since independence. Such record is perfect and heroic and deserves more than applause. The image of the Nigeria’s President ought to sit high in our hearts and worshipped. Sadly, no one has considered the honorable gentleman a figure of repute yet. They are probably awaiting his death and then they would write glowing tributes and talk about how without blemishes he was – such angel amongst men.


Recently, Mother Nature blessed Nigeria with an amazing leader, but sadly, he is a state Governor. He should have been the President of the country. He made more than two attempts to lead Nigeria to its glory but the myopic kingmakers and very irritating electorates found him unworthy. However, providence was graceful and he became the governor of Imo State. Since his inception, he has become an enigma. Where salary is being owed, he builds a roundabout and fixes fancy water pump to give the people water and calls it Heroes’ Falls. He would fix glowing lights where the people lack hospital. To create space and open the city for fresh air, he could destroy a market and even if a child died as a result of the incident and he is called out on social media, he would rather sleep. While the facilities in his state university sit at the mercy of a god figure, he has no issues with sending his children abroad and celebrating it. And oh, while salaries may be owed, he celebrates with countless cakes baked from bitterness to mark his birthday. He has been such an awesome man but the unfair system called Nigeria would rather not have him crowned King of Benevolence.


Recently, the smart and hardworking governor of Imo State invited South Africa’s most troubling President ever since apartheid to visit his home state. He arranged a party for him and took him by hand to reveal a mighty gift, a giant statue of the man who has given South Africa the worst economy since the Great Depression. Zuma who runs into trouble all the time and is the foremost prayer points of the people of South Africa to either resign or just take a long distance vacation somewhere, was invited to Imo State and a statue was put up in his honor. Such a fantastic move! It would have been totally silly if the governor had discussed moves to have a visa office of the country in his home state so that business people who wanted to travel wouldn’t spend scarce time and resources in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt. It would have been dumb if he had invited top South African investors to visit Imo and evaluate the economic potential of the state and help its young people who have turned into owning hotels or drinking joints. But he is wiser than that and would rather erect a statue with taxpayers’ money to show how heroic Mr Zuma is.


Imo State produced the first billionaire blogger in Africa. Her name is Linda Ikeji. Her statue would have been a triumph for African women who are doing unconventional things in a troubling economy but it would be silly. Imo State has talented movie actors and pathfinders in music. One of my favourite bands, the Oriental Brothers, hail from Imo State. The arts would have loved the choice of a monument in their honor but again, that’s quite stupid. The people of Imo State must find time to worship this great governor so that they may grow in grace and splendor.

Bura-Bari is currently in Enugu State, Nigeria admiring the hills.

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