The Greatness Of Man Deferred

Greatness Of Man

Greatness is a word that can be used to describe man. Our accomplishments are limited only to our imagination and ambition, which have proven to be infinite. Since the birth of this planet and quite possibly the inception of the known universe, man has fought his way to the top of the food chain. We’ve endured climate change, catastrophic events, and numerous creatures more savage than ourselves, also vying for the top spot.

However, the one defining factor that separates man from other creatures is our ingenuity. It is our inventive nature that has taken us from the uncertainty of the wilderness to the comfort of the modern world. Dare I say we’ve circumvented evolution itself and created a gap between us and the animal kingdom that will never be closed. Man has truly became a master of his existence, however short it may be. Some of us have even gained immortality through our well documented legacy. Each generation builds from the knowledge of the previous one. Like a marathon runner we pass the baton to guarantee that the human race continues to stay in the lead. Man is ever vigilant. Now, when I speak of man, am I referring to mankind? Of course not. It is the male species of the human race that has planned, invented, fought and bled. Women have merely been along for the ride in addition to reaping the benefits of our genius and Sacrifice. Which was actually a better arrangement considering it kept them out of the way.

Now however, in this gynocentric mess we call a society, women have proven to be man’s greatest distraction and problem. It begs the question; would we be as advanced as we are now if feminism had occurred fifty years prior to its original inception. Or worse. During the renaissance. Would we have even had a renaissance? What innovations would have never been, if those innovative men who changed the world had to deal with the nagging, self-important, entitled, destructive women of today?

How would they focus without a single quiet moment to imagine the better world they aspired to create? More importantly, how can inspiration strike without the ever valued peace of mind required. Instead spending days upon in, inundated with foolish trivial issues. The type of counterproductive bullshit that has become common behavior amongst women and all too familiar to any man who has ever dealt with a woman on any level. Or worse. How many inventors and investors of those times would have been rendered useless after some gold digging harrlot had taken him to the cleaners using no fault divorce?

Most would argue that it’s impossible for feminism to exist prior to certain time periods considering the nature of man’s evolution and lack of tolerance for female Fuckery. Such an argument speaks volumes about us as modern men and the weaknesses we have in reference to putting our modern counterpart in their place. How much have we hindered our growth? How many modern day Albert Einsteins, Henry Fords, Thomas Jeffersons, George Washington Carvers, will never see their full potential simply because they’re slowly being destroyed by some cluster b, borderline personality disordered, feminist cunt?

Hard to tell. But ask yourself this. How many great men do we know of today that have been destroyed by women? How many have fell victim to the gynocentric bullshit of today? Both on a large scale, having their riches literally stolen right from under them… Or on a smaller scale, living with a nagging emotional vampire who sucks the inspiration right out of you and marches you to an early grave. It is a testament to the greatness of man that we still somewhat innovate considering the crippling nature of our modern relationships. Through it all we still manage to push forward to reach new plateaus of advancement. And although it’s been a long time since we invented something life changing like the steam engine or the printing press, we still make strides in invention.

Just imagine where we’d be if feminism never existed.


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