Gym Days #1 – Chest

The Fresh Series – Introduction
By now, you already know about the type of content we deliver, here at We’re always the first to dish out some seriously useful content to all the rational men out there, never hesitating to cross boundaries, ask important questions and research only the best lifestyle tips for all men. And in our time together, we delivered several iconic series. And today, we’re ready to introduce the brand new, fresh series of articles that will help you get in best possible shape for the coming summer, but also the rest of the year. Welcome to the Gym Days. A Negromanosphere exclusive series dealing with insights, tips and tricks for every initiate in the temple of iron – the gym. Whether you’re starting out, or already a seasoned veteran, Negromanosphere has got your back. We will deal with every important muscle group, the tried & tested exercises, proper methods, and many more details. So stick around as we start off our series with an introductory article on one of the crucial muscles for every gym-head: the chest. And stay on the lookout for the next articles in our Gym Days series. Let’s conquer this!

The Essentials
Chest days are the essentials of every gym routine. Besides the back, legs and biceps, they are the main and one of the largest muscles to train. When it comes to the looks, the well trained and well developed chest muscles are always the first to draw the eye and the attention. They go hand in hand with the development of your back muscles, and in their prime they display a powerful and commanding physique.
So, the basics. On your chest days, after the warm up, it’s good to start with the utmost basic when it comes to chest exercises – and that is the good old push up. Push ups, when done in the wide stance, offer a great amount of stretching of the chest muscles, and are the essential exercise for a reason. For an added challenge and an even better stretch, use the push up bars to elevate yourself more and get a better depth. Remember that the stretching part of every exercise, is the important, muscle building part.

Another essential exercise on chest days is, of course, the bench press. No follower of the iron routine skips on this iconic exercise. Start with the weight that is comfortable for you, but never go too light. It’s always better to lift heavy with fewer repetitions – that’s the way to build muscle. Bench press can be done with a wide grip, or the narrow grip – focusing on the triceps. There’s also the incline press, good for the upper chest.

Next thing we’d like to include in the chest day are the flys. All you need is the adjustable incline bench and two dumbbells with the appropriate weight. Lie down with an incline, place the dumbbells together above yourself and simply stretch. Stretch as far as it is comfortable, enough to feel that all important stretching in your pecs. Then slowly bring them back to the starting position, all the while focusing on the tightness of your muscles and the proper form. This is one of the best exercise for feeling the burn and the pump.

To complete the day, you can add an exercise of your choosing. This can be the iso chest press machines, the machine flys, cable flys, etc. The choice is varied, depending on the gym. Just don’t pile too many exercises into a single workout, and try to add weight when possible. And always remember that you can’t go wrong with the bench press or the push ups. There’s a reason why all the great bodybuilders always recommended these, citing the pump.

Chest days are easily the most rewarding and enjoyable workouts in the gym. They are fairly straight forward, easy to perform and the pump can get amazing. Never hesitate to try different poses you see, or add more weight while lowering the repetitions. Also, asking questions can help a lot, and gym members are always helpful. It can provide important insights and create new friendships. Also, chest being the key and big muscle in your body, results will quickly be visible. When the pecs tighten, take form and bring together your entire physique, you will realize the importance of chest days. And you’ll only want to work harder.
That’s it for the first article in our new Gym Days series. We hope you’re liking it. And as always, we need your insights! Tell us your chest day routines, the best exercise for the pump, and leave your comments below. Until the next article – Keep Conquering!

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