Have Passport, Will Travel

Making the Best of Early Retirement

Now we’ve all viewed this scene countless of times in movies: the protagonist, usually a scruffy looking lead actor, strolls via escort wearing an out dated off-the-rack suit. After serving a long prison bid, he gets set free on early release for good behavior.

Squinting from the morning sunlight, our anti-hero barely contains himself from jumping with excitement as he exits those huge steal doors. Instead, he waits until completely out of sight and far, far away from the eyes of correctional officers. Prying eyes whom guarded multiple 6’x8′ hellholes that most inmates called “home.”

Mostly to everyone but him. A cell block’s a cell block.

See, to this man, life’s second half’s about to get better. Why? Well, because regardless of how much time’s elapsed, he has that positive attitude, that eagerness to push forward with whatever goals he’s made.


Roll credits

Anyway, let’s now fade into me: six-one with dark curly hair, a slightly protruding one-pack mid section with a cool disposition, who, like that guy, is holding back emotions until the old Honda hits the I-5 South enroute to Los Angeles with my last place of employment shrinking inside the rearview mirror.

Moreover, just like that former prisoner, I’m finally out on “early release,” too. While not old enough to collect Social Security, but meeting the minimum retirement age (56) for early retirement, this here Baby Boomer opted to bounce before the “scruffy” light beard grew even more gray.

So now, after three decades (30 years, four months, to be exact) of a combination of honorable military and civilian service, I’m officially retired. I’m free to write more novels, not to mention, fresh articles for the Negromanosphere as well as produce The Marcus Love Experience, a new travel vlog available on both YouTube and Black Avenger T.V.


Have Passport, Will Travel

Initially, I’ll travel across the United States by passenger train. Yes, I’ll be “eating, drinking” like Tony Montana while vlogging along the way.

Also, God willing, subscribers will be joining me vicariously through a modest video camera and/or an affordable Android cell phone of the following overseas locales in 2019 and 2020:

  • Ghana
  • Brasil
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • and more

Of couse, there’ll be plenty of live streams with the occasional guest and/or local native to keep things popping. Thank you in advance for tagging along this ongoing worldwide journey of discovery of places in our own collective backyard as well as distant foreign lands.

If we’re going to behave thirsty for something, it may as well be traveling. Talk to you later.


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Marcus love is a published author. You can scoop up his most recent Broke and Ashy urban eNovella series at an Amazon Kindle near you.


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