Having A Baby Mama Is Better Than Getting Married

Most of you who criticize celebrities for having baby mamas and baby daddies think they don’t know what they are doing? Personally, I feel that’s the best life. It will reduce a lot of problems that could come with marriage. Marriage is not for everyone. Most people just force it because the society says you must marry. It is possible to have a relationship without marriage. You can even be in a relationship and live separately to give space to one another and avoid stories that touch the hearts.

Not every relationship should lead to marriage. You can be fuck mates. You can be a baby mama or a baby daddy to someone. Marriage comes with a kind of entitlement mentality that deceives people into thinking that they own another human being. The best life is to never commit to anyone if you want to maintain your freedom. And the idea of monogamous relationship? You’re limited when you are married. That’s why most men still sneak out of their marriages to fuck other women.

We can’t keep deceiving ourselves. Not every man can be in a monogamous relationship. Majority of men will fuck outside. You have to deal with that fact. Majority of us are not created to fuck the same pussy all through our entire lives. That’s slavery! Why do you think pastors cheat? Because we expect the unexpectable from them. The fact that a man cheats doesn’t mean they are not responsible. Majority of men cheat, not because they don’t love their wives, but because they just want to explore, they just want to play away match. Lol.

Most of the men who cheat still take care of their families and provide for their wives and children. It is just that women need to understand that men like to explore. You can disagree with me but the reason there are many problems in many African marriages is because women want to cage their husbands, limiting their options to just one pussy. That’s why there are stories of domestic violence everywhere. That’s why there are lots of fights and misunderstandings in the home, because women want a man that will stick to just one pussy eternally.

Do you know why pastors still go out of their marriages to fuck other women? It is because men are not wired to be committed to just one pussy for the rest of their lives. And this is what women don’t want to hear. But men do it secretly. That’s why I always say the best life a man can live is to never get married. You’ll be able to fuck whoever you want whenever you want without hurting anyone’s feelings. And when such men are ready to settle down, it is better to live seperately. There will be less domestic violence that way.

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