These high fashion brands are killing the game right now

Let’s see a top 5 high fashion brands that are dominating the fashion industry right now.

5) Fendi

With Fendi making a comeback this year with the help of their FF “Zucca” monogram, the brand managed to close 2018 in force while premiering several surprises scheduled for early 2019 on their social media accounts.

The brand is backed by a lot of A list celebrities including Rihanna with high fashion fans still going wild after Fendi’s designer clothes and accessories.

4) Versace

As a company, Versace managed to climb 21 spots in Q1 last year with the brand making a shock move after the hit crime show “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”, as well as a string of Met Gala looks that stole the red carpet.

Not to mention the long list of superstars that are still rocking with the brand as solid as ever.

3) Givenchy

Givenchy artistic director Claire Waight Keller scored the biggest commission of 2018 when she dressed Meghan Markle or her royal wedding. Obviously, this was a huge capital gain for the brand considering the fact this was a world-wide event that was watched by more than 29 million people.

2) Balenciaga

Balenciaga scored a huge win last year with their ugly dad shoes and from the looks of it, it seems that the brand is looking to continue their momentum through 2019 as well.

Considering the fact that the shoe retails for $850, it’s no secret that Balenciaga absolutely cashed out in the last 12 months with the brand’s
 CEO, François-Henri Pinault claiming that he expects to reach $1 billion soon.

1) Gucci

With the company generating a new record when it comes to income for 2018, Gucci holds the number one spot in our top and chances are that they will dominate 2019 as well.

Gucci has exploded in popularity during the holidays, especially among millennials and teen shoppers, a market which holds great value when it comes to retail.

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