Highest Paying Occupations in 2021

The Top 20 High-Paying Career Choices for Men

You know the last time I chopped it up about the so-called wage gap between men and women within the United States of America, more than a few angry chicas went in on me for merely dropping statistical data from the Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS). Nevertheless, some three years later, men still deserve to earn more money due to us continuing to tackle the truly dangerous jobs.

Yes, the raw and dirty work that’s so deadly, it scares away the majority of female applicants. The industries that keep this nation moving, thriving like a well-oiled engine.

However, this second time around, let’s focus on the not-so hazardous positions from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field, among several other lucrative ones, that the BLS reports to be in high demand for essential employment in this post-COVID-19 economy. How about we check out the highest paying occupations in 2021, that not only require professional education and training but are, for the most part, extremely resistant—nothing’s 100 percent sack proof nowadays—to being replaced by artificial intelligence and/or being made obsolete due to this most recent pandemic?

And here we go

Now when it comes to choosing a vocation, us men can’t afford to be too idealistic, thus wasting our time and resources in a worthless degree. This ain’t the time to be the joker, not taking life seriously but emulate the historical Warrior King Leonidas character from the film 300, where all of the men had essential professions but not the most important when it came to the battlefield.

No, we’re not built like our female counterparts. Women, for usually emotional reasons, often picking careers that feel good but don’t even come close to the high earning potential of the most male dominant positions in today’s modern battlefield.

Hey, like their wombs, it’s their bodies and their choice, right? Well, the same logic equally goes for the jobs they elect to train for, that aren’t paying the same the more challenging and critical ones.

Likewise, the BLS says that in 2021, these are the following professions that’ll reel in a minimum of six figures annually:

  1. With the medical field showing 14 out of 20 of the much needed professions, we’re seeing a median average pay of “equal or greater than $208,000” annually for psychiatrists, surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists, internal medicine physicians, orthodontists, as well as family medicine doctors or more commonly called primary care physicians.
  2. For those career fields that pay between $141,080 and $185,950 per year, the current openings are a mixture of law and marketing, architectural and engineering, and technological and medical.
  3. Yes, of course, IT is mostly filled with guys who are making the average pay of $151,150, and BLS projects this to rise even more for the next decade or so.
  4. Moreover, for men (or women) who have the mental and physical stamina to study and train to work as nurse anesthetists can expect to pull in an annual median salary of $183,580. That’s not so bad for a field that once was dominated by the ladies.


Bottom line is invest in yourself

In summary, Brothers, if you want to make your money and get the best woman, you’ve got to be focused and disciplined in all of your business endeavors. And trust, none of us men can afford to go in half-azz in this unfair life, especially when choosing the right profession.

As my late father often reminded me while growing up, if a man wants to eat, he’s going to have go on the hunt with a great sense of urgency. Ain’t no deity or savior flying down out of the heavens to save us but ourselves.

So, until next time, Brothers, please stay strong, watch your damn six, and whatever you do, don’t let anybody ph*ck with you!

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