How much are rappers paid for shows ?

The music industry has changed and is changing as we speak. As streams count now for sales and CD’s are extinct, the only option for getting heavy money is touring. Rappers don’t hit the million mark in the 1st week like they used to, so the fees are going sky high. If you want to see who are the most well payed, here is a list of ten money makers.

10. Wiz Khalifa: $115k


This young man reached a billion views on Youtube for his single “See you again” becoming the 1st Rap Video to touch such a score. From his popularity, no wonder he can charge that much.

9. J. Cole: $125k

The 10th spot is occuppied by none other than Joe Cole. While you may be thinking that this sum is kind of small for an acclaimed artist such as Cole who has the Roc Nation behind him, let’s not forget that J. Cole is one of the few artists who puts quality over quantity so he does not target the mainstream audience.

8. Kendrick Lamar: $125k+

Only reason why Kendrick is so far on this list is because he is young and has just started writing history. A history that even at this early stage is well payed enough. In a year or two or even faster, he ll be a top 5 cash bringer.

7. 50 Cent: $150k+


Although years have passed since 50 Cent was at the top of the music business, he is still one of the most well knonw artists on the planet. 150K for a show is more than decent, considering that music hasn’t been his main focus for quite some time.

6. Nicki Minaj: $250k+

All those haters sure don’t phase Nicki when she cashes in that 250k check for a show. Add to that that her lover Meek Mill might open up for her on the same night and get himself a check, which makes these power couple a real threat for the number 1 spot.

5. Lil Wayne: $300k+

Not only has he been in the game for over a decade, he’s been at the top of it. 300K for a show from a legend does not seem to be such a hefty price.

4. Drake: $350k-$600k

The hottest rapper in the game right now only touches the 4th spot but we have to take in consideration that this was the score for a show, before his last album Views from the Six which went triple platinum. His fee is or will be close to a million in very short time.

3. Macklemore: $350k-$700k


His four Grammy win from 2014 sure helped Macklemore cash in more checks. Since then he has been on the rise and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he’ ll reach that million for a show mark in the next years.

2. Kanye West: $500k+


Kanye West’s shows are legendary and usually, no one leaves without seeing some spectacle. It could be the best show or another of his legendary rants, either way, you’re not leaving his show without having your jaw dropped, in awe or disgust.

1. Jay Z: $1,000,000+


On the top of the list we find the top mogul. It’s no surprise that Jay-Z racks in more than a million for a show as his estimated net worth is over 500 milions. It was even rumored that on the tour with his wife, Beyonce, they were bringing 4 millies in every night. Now that’s paper!

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