How Nigerian Politicians Looted Nigeria Into Recession

I have said it several times that the many problems Nigeria is facing presently are caused by our political rogues that we call leaders. There is no reason going back to the instigators of Nigeria’s many problems. I’m not a politician but it would be wise to do away with APC and PDP in the coming election in Nigeria. They are not good for us. The greatest tragedy that can befall a nation is for her citizens to suffer collective amnesia.


I believe PDP believes Nigerians have short memories, if not, Ibori would not have been included in their convention committee and Jonathan would not have been allowed to talk. He ended up indicting himself as usual, anyway. For those who may have forgotten, kindly joggle your memories with the following words on marble and you will agree with me that what happened in Eagle Square on Saturday was nothing but a gathering of rogues.


1. I acted based on Jonathan’s instructions – Dasuki

2. I didn’t give order – Jonathan

3. I collected 350 million naira from Dasuki for consultation – Iyorchia Ayu

4. I only collected $30,000 from Dasuki not N100 million – Bode George

5. I got N4.6 billion from Dasuki for spiritual purposes – Bafarawa

6. I got N650 million from Dasuki for my Abuja burnt office – Thisday Obaigbena.

7. I got N2.1b from Dasuki for publicity – Dokpesi

8. I got another N100m from Yuguda he didn’t tell me from where – Bafarawa.

9. I gave N100m each to Odili, Jim Nwobodo Bode George and others – Yuguda

10. The president asked me to change N10B to foreign currency for PDP delegates – Dasuki

11. My boss asked me to get $11M from the CBN – Dasuki’s account officer.

12. I got order from above to pay Tompolo N13B for Maritime University land. – Nimasa DG.

13. 950m was shared in my house — Shekarau


With all these looting and many more revealed, some people are still shouting that there is no sign of change in Buhari’s administration. They even said it is political persecution. But I believe it is the right thing to do. I am not an advocate of Buhari but he is trying. If you believe too, you should remind other people to garner more support for the fight against corruption and looting in our nation. There must be consequences for such crimes, otherwise Nigeria will not develop.


Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi told us then that over 20 billion dollars was unremitted to the federation account, and that if nothing was done by 2015 upward, Nigeria will know what economic crisis is. Are we not feeling the heat now? Are we not living in poverty now? Charles Soludo said whoever wins 2015 election will never find it easy to govern. Over 30 trillion is mismanaged, unaccounted for or missing under Jonathan’s administration. Our reserve is depleted and our savings are squandered. Our nation is in trouble!


Godswill Akpabio revealed that for seven months, NNPC did not remit any money into federation account and that when he called as a sitting governor and major oil producing state, Diezani Alison Madueke refused to pick his calls. Nigeria is spoilt by Nigerians. These are people who go to churches and mosques, and who also claim that they are worshipping God. Okonjo Iweala told those rogues to save ahead of eventualities but Jonathan had no political will to do so and that is one of the reasons we are in crisis. The idiots squandered our boom!


Goodluck Jonathan is a blessed ATM that doesn’t have a secret pin number. His administration covered many atrocities. He allowed corruption. I think he was the one who said stealing is not corruption. Tompolo was paid 13 billion! Patience Jonathan is claiming $31m. She has sued the Nigerian state. Femi Fani-Kayode took 740 million naira. Dasuki used trucks to load over $35 billion from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Olisa Metuh took 400 million naira. Fayose took 3 billion naira. Obanikoro took 4 billion naira.


How about Diezani with $20 billion missing oil money? How about 15 billon dollars missing from arms fund? And the 10 billion naria, converted to dollars and given as gift to delegates of PDP Nation Convention? Bafarawa collected 3 billion for spiritual purposes. 12. 7 billon naria for deceased NEPA staff grew wings and disappeared. 20 billion dollars missing from NNPC accounts. 23 billon naira as bribe to INEC staff to rig the general election. The list is endless. They only left what they can’t carry or unable to lay their hands on. Recession didn’t just happen, people looted Nigeria into recession!

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