Hushpuppi: The Reflection Of The Average Nigerian

Everyone is blaming Hushpuppi. But Nigeria is filled with a lot of Hushpuppis walking the streets freely. When all the hypocrisy evaporates, we can put on our glasses and see clearly that in the Nigeria of today, the extremely few people who are not from the Hushpuppi clan are the endangered species. People celebrate wealth without caring to know the source.

The metamorphosis into this reality started many years ago, when the likes of Ovation Magazine, BOS and other TV shows and magazines replaced the academic competitions with showcasing private jets and luxury homes of young footballers, their fast cars and the celebrations of the high and mighty.

Rubbing the lifestyles of the rich in the face of the suffering masses while the hardworking retired men died on the queue in the wait for pensions that never came. I have written about Abiola Ajimobi and what he did to Oyo State civil servants and the students. The banks had security men who allowed only luxury cars into the parking lots within their compounds while other vehicles park along the road.

Then, suddenly, almost every young person either wants to go and play football abroad or do some other work in Italy. Secondary school teachers sell examination questions and parents who can afford them buy them. In the higher institutions, the buying and selling continues. Our graduates cannot invent anything because most projects are bought in the market and installed in the lecturer’s or supervisor’s new house for the students to pass and graduate.

Most of the get-rich-quick scams that ravage our society from time to time often, if not always, have the secret collaboration of our banks. What about the Hushpuppi government in place? Even many of our traditional stools are presently occupied by members of the Hushpuppi clan.

Should we look away from the clan members behind the pulpits in our churches and mosques? The civil service and the justice system are run by this same clan. There is no assurance of success in this country if you are not corrupt. The security outfits are terribly Hushpuppied. We only recognize justice when it has to do with other people. When we are involved, we try to bend justice. You can be angry at this post or the writer.

Winners of academic competitions win N500,000 or double in prize while crazy reality show competitors can exhibit a lack of home training and loose morals to win houses, luxury cars and N25 million plus endorsements to represent corporations. We are the makers of the society we complain about. Hushpuppi is a representation of the normal Nigerian. The fact that you are yet to scam anyone does not exunerate you. Most people are just looking for the right opportunities to take the stage.

Only a few are not in the Hushpuppi clan. And they are the endangered species. European countries have started opening their gates for the post COVID-19 life to resume. They are making lists of countries that can visit. They have a good excuse. I am yet to see Nigeria on any of the lists. This lists will increase gradually. Somewhere deep within me, I cannot tell how or when, but I still have this hope that Nigeria as a people will re-emerge and succeed as a nation. Hushpuppi is not a person. Hushpuppi is a people.

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