Hypergamy – Why She WILL Branch Swing

Here at Negromanosphere, we try to bring you closer to some crucial aspects of dating and male and female relationships. We do this so you can know in advance how the natural aspects of human psychology work. By doing it we hope to save you some work and get you one step forward at all times.
As we discuss these unique concepts and themes, we often run into some big words and one-of-a-kind terms.
One of these unique terms with which you might be unfamiliar is hypergamy. What is hypergamy? In simplified terms it is the theory on the instinctual desire of a woman to abandon her current partner (cheat) when the opportunity arises, in order to attain a new partner of a much higher status (SMV). This is a natural instinct that drives a woman to find the best possible mate and provider for her offspring. This (subconscious) instinct completely ignores all previous commitment for the current man she’s with, and focusing only on the new, higher value man that appeared. This is the basis of all cheating stories and the best explanation of female infidelity.
In common terms (slang) it is also known as branch swinging. And to put it much more simply – it is the act of a woman branch swinging as soon as a better opportunity appears. And this new opportunity is almost always a wealthier, sexier and successful man.
Ok, so now that we got those terms explained, and we got the theme laid out, let’s dig into the concept of branch swinging and see how YOU can be on the winning side of this treacherous behavior.

The modern, 21st century woman is in 9 out of 10 cases a childish, simple and restless person. And more than often, entering into a relationship with one will prove to be a futile endeavor without any fruitful and rewarding results. She is by nature restless, desiring fluctuation and being unable to set down for too long. That’s why restlessness and hypergamy work hand in hand. As soon as a better man steps up – she’s gone. This is the one constant truth you always have to keep in mind. And that is why you need to always work on self improvement. Not just in order to keep some thot always by your side – but in order to become that higher value man to whom the dissatisfied thots will flock to.
If a woman is satisfied with her partner, and he is hard to replace (i.e a better man is hard to attain) she will most likely grab onto him real hard. But to become that man, to be desired and respected, craved and influential – you need to work your ass off and bow before nobody.

Always on Guard
Fidelity is a thing of the past. A forgotten relic of times gone by. You can now only read about it in books. That’s why any rational man will never rely on trust itself. In a world of high SMV (read up on social market value here) persons, relationships can often turn into a game of selection. While a man can rarely be satisfied with a woman – since model women are now in the past – the woman will never be content with her partner – she always looks for a better catch – a higher branch to which she can swing. This can sound very dark, and even primitive – but consider it as a subconscious mechanism which makes people move through their lives. They look for a perfect partner to ensure the best results in their future.
This female infidelity and restlessness – a.k.a branch swinging – leaves men with two choices. Both of them are good, so take your pick based on your personal values and options. The first choice is to focus on yourself. Create the best version of yourself and fix your view on your own, personal success. Don’t put too much importance on long term relationships and women in general.
The second choice is largely the same – with a few key differences. Focus on being the best in your social circle and wider. Strive to be that higher branch to which women will want to swing. It’s also dedicated self improvement, but with the goal of being the center point of your social circle, a desired man and a role model.

We don’t want to generalize too much, saying that every person out there is identical and shares the same beliefs and traits. Of course it’s not like that and we all know it. We all also know that a majority of modern young women, especially in the USA, are generally considered as perfect examples of the thot, and thus a valid example for this sort of article. Just be a rational man – focus on yourself and your own life – and be careful who you commit your time and efforts to. Trust no one!

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