I Could Have Drilled Her Long Ago

Confidence is important in everything. You need it to win. This applies also to the game of dating. As men, there are times you will feel like some categories of women are too high to be approached. You may think they are so beautiful that they do not belong to the same class with you. You may think they are too famous for you to approach them and tell them you want to date them. They may be richer than you are and this may sometimes feel like a discouragement to you. But, should that deter you?

There are times you’ll think ‘how will I tell her I want to date her when we are not in the same class financially?’ But, you should remember that if you don’t try approaching her, you will never know what the answer will be. The interesting thing is that some of the women you are thinking of dating are also thinking of dating you. They are probably waiting for you to approach them. They are waiting for you to tell them how much you would like to have them. But, you are afraid. You are waiting for the greenlight.

Many questions are going through your mind. A million what ifs. What if she doesn’t agree to date me? What if she shouts on me? What if she embarrasses me? What if? What if? And what if? But, you can’t live your life never being sure of what could be and what could not be. The only way to remove all doubt is to approach her and tell her your mind. If she agrees, fine. If she doesn’t agree, good. But you would have been true to your mind and your soul will be at peace. It is better than dangling between what could be and what couldn’t be.

Many years ago, I was crushing on a particular lady who was so beautiful and much older than I am. I was a friend to this lady. She liked me and I liked her (but I loved her then). We would talk together and joke together sometimes. But in my mind, I wanted to date her. I didn’t know how to say it. I was thinking I may lose our friendship if I should tell her I wanted to date her. I kept suppressing my feelings. I kept keeping the passion in my heart. But it was burning me. I thought about so many things and I decided to dump my thoughts in the waste basket.

But I couldn’t rest. Anytime I saw this woman, something will push me to tell her. And another thing would draw me back and tell me to caution myself. It continued like that for three years. Three whole years! I was burning inside. I was interested in getting between her legs. I wanted to see what was under her skirts. I wanted to run my hands on her thighs. And fondle her breasts. And kiss her. But I couldn’t because I was afraid. I knew the woman liked me but I couldn’t gather the courage to tell her the kind of relationship I wanted with her.

After three years, I finally decided to open up. I told her I had something to discuss with her. We met and I told her I liked her and that I would want us to date. She was short of words. She asked me many questions and later told me she would think about it. I already got her phone number. I asked whether I should call her in the evening and she said yes. But that night, I didn’t call her. I don’t know why. I called the second day and we talked on phone. After about three days, we decided to meet at a restaurant to have a deep conversation.

After our conversation, she agreed to date me and that’s where we sealed it up. The following week, I smashed her! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the nakedness of this woman. I couldn’t believe I was the one sucking her breasts. I wouldn’t have got down on her if I had allowed fear to continue pinning me down. I could have drilled her long ago, but for fear. The thing is, men shouldn’t be afraid of talking to women. Men shouldn’t be afraid of approaching women. Tell them what you want. The interesting thing is that some of these women you want to fuck are also interested in fucking you. But as a man, you have to be courageous enough to tell them.

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