Ice Cube schools Bill Maher over the n-word joke

Last week Bill Maher, often known for crossing the line with his jokes, decided to push the boundaries once again by using a racial slur to describe himself during a conversation with Sen. Ben Sasse. Social media, as well as many celebrities were shocked to hear the news and to see Sasse laughing his way out of the joke without even blinking.

After the show, HBO called what Maher did “completely inexcusable” and the comedian himself said “the word was offensive and I regret saying it and am very sorry.” Senator Sasse also acknowledged that he should have confronted Maher for his use of the n-word but it seemed like the damage was already done.

Among other celebrities, Ice Cube expressed his will to have a sit down with Bill Maher while sharing his point of view on the whole situation. Surprisingly enough, Maher accepted Ice Cube’s request and the rapper/actor made a special appearance on “Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday” night.

As expected, Cube went straight to the point while breaking down why Maher should get rid of the n-word approach.

“You’ve got a lot of black jokes…Sometimes you sound like a redneck trucker. What made you think it was cool to say that?” Ice Cube asked. “I think we need to get to the root of the psyche. There’s a lot of guys out there who cross the line because…they think they’re too familiar…or [they] might have had a black girlfriend or two…, and they think they can cross the line. And they can’t.”

On the n-word use, Cube had the following to say:

“It’s like a knife. You can use it as a weapon, or you can use it as a tool. It’s been used as a weapon against us by white people… That’s our word now, and you can’t have it back.”

Surely, Bill Maher dodge a quite a few bullets with Ice Cube since Run The Jewels rapper Killer Mike said that he would’ve punched Maher for using the n-word in front of him. Nevertheless, the comedian has a long history of using racial slurs and it seems like he’s not going to stop anytime soon since his personal delivery style is based on that. Comment on the situation below and let us know if HBO should’ve sacked Maher for the incident or if he got just the right punishment with a warning.

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  • Morpheus2275

    First of all, is Ice Cube the right person to deliver this message to Bill Maher? I mean, Cube made a career using the word “nigga.” He’s one of the men responsible for that word now being a part of most black people’s everyday vernacular, which I’m not so sure is a good thing.

    In any case, black people are much too soft when it comes to this damn word. Did we somehow lose the ability to interpret context? I could see if Bill called someone a nigger outright, but he used it in the context of a joke…a very bad one for sure. But a joke all the same.

    WE are the ones who give the word power when we get upset every time a white person uses it. Black people today don’t have to deal with half the sh*t our grandparents and great-grandparents had to. Imagine being called nigger while a noose is around your neck. Or being called nigger while you watch your homes and churches burn to the ground. Or being called nigger while people are throwing rocks and spitting on you just because you want to go to school. Black people have gotten so soft. The word will continue to have power as long as we let it upset us.

    • JJ Redwood

      This isn’t about the “n-word” so much as it is about normalizing mistreatment and blatant disrespect. Bill Maher is just another slick white racist that wants to push the line, and run behind his black “friends” for cover when called out. We shouldn’t be ashamed to be offended, although we should be in position to punish people rather than march and cry. We SHOULD be sensitive to mistreatment by potential enemies. Let’s learn from history, not repeat it.