Ignorance AIN’T Bliss

Africa is a Continent

You’d think that by now, during our post Obama-Era transition into the current “Grab ’em by the *****” #45-Era, that more of citizens born here within the United States, a would be world leader above so-called “sh*thole countries,” would be able to showcase our vast knowledge of geology.

That’s right. There’s still those among us who’ll travel overseas, with no malicious intent, of course, and continue to embarrass us as a whole on a global level.

Africa’s a continent, not a country

Now to quote Tyrese Gibson, “How you gonna act like that?”

No, seriously, though. After updating your passport, securing a visa, and wadding through crowded airport lines just to be strip searched by TSA agents and then flying for at least a day and a half (including long layovers), why would you allow yourself to go out like a booger?

Uh-huh, because that’s exactly what the rest of the world thinks of us collectively. So, don’t go blaming it on “fake news,” just your unprepared selves.

Besides, with all of today’s modern technology, there’s no valid excuse for not knowing just basic facts. Just as much as Googling’s now considered a verb, so is actively applying yourself via your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Sorry. Losing or having the family dog eat your library card no longer cuts it in this digital Brave New World.

Join the 21st century

Yeah, that’s right. Now you, too, can take full advantage of an Internet world, leaving behind the guilt of not browsing through your grandfather’s Encyclopedia Britannica.

See, today’s social media outlets are ultra-user friendly. They provide access to a plethora of information from the mundane family recipe to the popular How to Learn Portuguese in 32 Seconds or Less YouTube video.

Also, by joining a specific online group through one of several accounts, should get you all savvied up before booking that first trip to Africa. Oops, I mean an African country.

Plus, you may not just want to reveal your true ignorance to any unsuspecting friends or family.  Trust, knowing exactly how many continents have been just hanging around for millions and billions of years, will remain to be just one of many other things that you know you should’ve known but didn’t know, and now, you know.

Huh? What?

Did I just go full you know what?

Yeah, that last part made me scratch my shaking head as well. Whatever. You get what I’m talking about.

Stop the insanity now. Ignorance ain’t bliss.

And remember that Africa’s a continent, not a country!

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