In Defence of Abdulrasheed Akanbi by Shina Orodele

Let me introduce myself. I know you all know me here, and it is not hidden that I travel to many countries without using passport as even a kid born yesterday is familiar with my face. I am known the world over as an important personality. So reading your mind, I can hear you loudly saying I don’t need to introduce myself. But protocol must be observed. It is important I introduce myself. I am Barrister Ejodoro Arojojare the one and only lawyer in Nigeria and even in Africa that take up cases for the downtrodden, abused and intimidated of the society free of charge. I am here today to represent my client Abdulraheed Akanbi. I can read your mind, wondering why I didn’t add title to his name. You see, I am wise, and it is my wisdom that earned me the enviable reputation I have today. It is deliberate, and I have informed all lovers of Abulrasheed Akanbi to stay away from adding any title to his name, be it the old or the new one they claim he adopted until we have completely settled the issue. This is being ahead of haters and our detractors.

Abdulrasheed Akanbi did not employ me to defend him but I have employed myself to defend him in line with my practice of defending the defenseless. I can stand many things but I cannot stand someone being intimidated for standing for what he believes in. My client has made his wish known and I am here to defend his right to be called whatever he wants to be called.

I have listened and read many insults and abusive words being hurled at my client and I am going to make sure I put a stop to it.

A man who I will not mention his name as part of my techniques of winning cases, said my client was an internet fraudster and it is possible is still his. He went ahead that my client is currently wanted in Canada to answer to some fraudulent allegations against him. My Lord, I feel pained and sad that such a word will be spoken about my client. On this note, I have sent word to my client to pay a visit to Canada next month to show all his detractors that they are lying against an innocent and upright man. I believe by next month when my client has visited Canada and come back, I will make the name of this accuser public and I shall ensure he spend a good time behind the bars.

I am also aware of the allegations by some individuals against my client that he is an usurper and bought his way to the throne.They said after he completely bought his way to power and took part in the traditional rites of the land as custom demands, he started campaigning against the same traditions and rites through which he was installed and set to destroy all the artifacts. In addition, these malicious individuals said my client has sold all the artifacts in the palace and in the land to different museums in Europe and USA.

My Lord, I wish to say this assertion is not correct but being circulated by malicious people who do not see any good deed in my client but rather are set to tarnish his good name. My Lord, contrary the false statements being circulated, I wish to say my client did not campaign against the tradition of his people neither did he sell any artifacts nor set to destroy the culture and custom of his people. My client only moved some artifacts and traditional religious materials away from the palace to another location in within the land. My Lord, I think I will need to teach these people the difference between move and destroy. It looks like they didn’t take their English class seriously. I wish to say that my client was not being foxy when he decided to undergo all the traditional rites and rudiments involved in becoming the king as claimed by his detractors rather I wish to expressly state here that my client is unable to remember undergoing any traditional rites. My client, like our darling president doesn’t remember involving in any rites.

I wish to also state that I am aware of an allegation by a woman whose name I will not mention in line with my style. She said that my client decision to adopt the title of Emir is a scheme to get fund from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries who are always interested in propagating Islam. This women went ahead to say that my client has also been promised oil block by some northern power if only he can undermine the authority of Alaafin of Oyo and Ooni of Ife. This is a great lie from the pit of hell, my client is unaware of all these things being said about him. My client only thought it is fashionable taking up the Emir title in line with Islamic dictate. And contrary to the belief in some quarters that my client is being subservient to the Hausa/Fulani of the North, I wish to say that my client got his inspiration to adopt the title from his Islamic Religion. Since many of them have not left the shores of this country they don’t know that my client is not trying to relegate himself to Hausa/Fulani but is trying to adopt the practice adopted by all Islamic countries in the world. Go to all the Islamic country of the world, their kings and leaders bear Emir.

Finally, my Lord, I seek that you give a verdict that no one should say unkind words against my client going forward.

Thank you.

I remain my proud self, Barrister Ejodoro Arojojare, the one who has never lost a case.

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