Intrinsic versus Extrinsic values – What makes you happy

It’s not all thots, game and paper here on Negromanosphere. Sometimes, we like to tackle some bigger themes, some subjects that call for deep thinking and a look at your future – the long term picture. What we all want in the end, is to be happy in life. To live to the fullest and to experience life in a rewarding, memorable way. But the way in which we’re attempting to achieve that could be potentially wrong. Now, every man likes different things. And that’s normal. But some things can lead to a full, joyful life, while others can lead you to a dead end.
For starters, you’ll need to think hard about your life choices and your interests, and figure out whether they hold any real value at the end of the day. So, for example, intrinsic values to pursue are purpose, passion, personal growth, self worth, knowledge, health. And on the other side, you have the extrinsic values – social status, deadlines, wealth, career, praise, etc.
Either way can be valuable and important for a man to follow, but not both will leave you satisfied in the long run. How? Read on as we discuss!

Choose Wisely
When you find your life’s purpose the world seems to be lying out there in the open, ready to conquer. But what if all the conquering leaves us empty handed in the end? Intrinsic values are much more rewarding in the long run. They deal with you and your own, personal joys. They are knowledge, wisdom, experience and mental and physical health. They are the traits you OWE to yourself to master. Education, reading, interactions, experiencing life and becoming strong and athletic. These all tie in to creating a happy and complete man, and should be the first on your to-do list. Sometimes, the non-material rewards are the best ones, and give you a lasting sense of fulfillment and self worth.
On the other hand, the extrinsic values are the material ones, mostly, and can lead you on a chase that quickly drains out. Earning respect of people lesser than you (bosses, partners, clients, etc), chasing wealth, chasing possessions, always rushing to meet deadlines, conform to social standards, spend a lifetime building a career, etc, all these things might lead you nowhere in the end. By nowhere we mean not happy. Not fulfilled.

Short-term versus Long-lasting
For complete sense of fulfillment, one needs to thing in a long term way. To take a glimpse a bit farther into your future and to ask yourself what kind of an image do you want it to be. And with your current lifestyle, your current pursuits, what kind of a picture will it be actually?
This quote sums it up perfectly:
“Intrinsic motivation, however, is an internal form of motivation. You strive towards a goal for personal satisfaction or accomplishment. You may even work towards a long-term reward such as the development of a business or participating in a competition, but the primary motivator is internal.”
Sometimes, though many do not like it, we need to take a look deep inside. To spend some alone time reflecting about our life and the way we lead it, the way it will influence our future. For isn’t our future the biggest motivation? Shouldn’t we strive to fight for it, for as better a future as we can? And, perhaps, not just for our own future, but maybe for the future of those we hold dear.

There can be a lot of subjects that certain readers and writers in the manospheres like to tip toe over, to avoid like something foul. The inner values, and the focus on the intrinsic can be one of these themes, even though it is one of the most crucial topics for men. But we won’t avoid it. We’ll even promote it, and say: Take some time for yourself, and don’t be afraid to think, to dig a bit under the surface. You could be surprised by what you find out.
How do you make the parallel between the material, and the spiritual in your life? Let us know in the comments below, and share your opinion with the fellow readers. And as always, until the next time – Keep Conquering!

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