Is There A Such Thing As A “Non-Select Guy Tax”?

“No taxation without representation”
-James Otis

When you’re as controversial a public figure as I am, you’re sure to get lots of people who will take exception to your position on various issues – particularly that bearing on “da communitah”, Black women and certain Black men. Of the many positions I’ve taken over the years on the air in podcast and talk radio form, is the idea of “price discrimination” in Black American mating patterns – the idea that Black women in particular, “charge” one “price” to one group of Black men to date and mate and another “price” to another group of Black men for the same privilege. My recent column, “All The Crazy Ladies” is but one case in point in illustrating my argument here. My podcasts on price discrimination are among my most-listened to broadcasts, in fact.

Well, a little over a month ago while co-hosting “The Daily Roast” morning talk show, one of my fiercest interlocutors, one Mr. Tony Maceo, a podcaster and writer in his own right, came at me with the ferocity of a wolverine. Accusing me of “being mad that I have to pay an ugly guy tax while cute guys don’t”, he further doubled down on his notion that non-select guys must pay a “tax” – and that’s just the way that it is, dammit! Maceo, a generally more sedate and subdued individual, was extraordinarily emotive, with his bromides filled with barbs about my education, intelligence (or the lack thereof) and so on. I guess he didn’t get the memo, that if and when you have to resort to personal attacks while in the midst of making your argument, you have lost the debate.

Part of my being baffled by Maceo had to do with his highly unusual behavior; I’d come to conclude that it could be attributed at least in part by the apparent time he was spending online with Ms. Nicole Michelle of the Inner Beauty Movement fame and was “coming to her defense” in the wake of her taking exception to my approach and response to “dinner whores” (see the aforementioned “All The Crazy Ladies” – as the old adage goes, only the hit dogs holla, right?). But after the whole ordeal was over and I had some time to reflect on the matter overall and Maceo’s “tax” argument in particular, it gave me a golden opportunity to prove once and for all that not only did Maceo – an admittedly formally trained economics major in college – got it totally WRONG – but that non-select guys are under NO pressure whatsoever to pay ANY “tax” to date and mate with Black women in the least. Today’s column, picking up on the themes laid out in the “Non-Select Guy Series” here at the Negromanosphere, aims to do just that.

So, let’s begin!

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As noted above, Black women can be observed attempting to impose different “prices” to date and mate on varying types of Black men; in simple terms and for purposes for today’s column, we will use the “Select Guy & Non-Select Guy” schema that Mr. Rom Wills has introduced and that we have been using throughout this series. Price discrimination theory would hold that Black women will allow the so-called Select Guy to mate with her “for free” – that is to say, with minimal, if any, courting phase – which would include the cost of dates (for example, a recent piece published by the USA Today newspaper/website gives a state by state breakdown of how much it costs a man to date in America today – and in my homestate, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the average cost of a date is nearly $200 USD! I will DEFINITELY be talking about this article and its implications in a future column, so stay tuned!), while “charging” the Non-Select Guy a “tax” for the same privilege. This is what Maceo’s argument is. The only problem, is that it is WRONG. Let’s count the ways, shall we?

1. BLACK WOMEN CANNOT IMPOSE ANY FORM OF “TAXES” ON ANYONE: Despite Maceo’s formal college education in economics and my relative lack thereof, one doesn’t need to be an economics academic to know what a “tax” actually is. For one thing, in consensual societies such as the United States, where there is rule by consent of the governed, any kinds of tax proposals must first be “signed off on” by the people – the taxpayers. To use the analogy as Maceo has done, would suggest that first and foremost, Black women are in a rulership position – and they are not. No one died and made them Congresswoman, Senator, President or Queen. They did not run for any elections, nor were they appointed. Most important, they did not run their price discriminatory practices – er, “tax” – by Black men, select and non-select alike, to get our consent as to whether we would like to pay. Therefore, for these reasons alone, there can be no “non-select guy tax”.

2. BLACK WOMEN CANNOT PUNISH THOSE WHO DO NOT PAY THE “NON-SELECT GUY TAX”: As noted above, Black women are not a governmental body – they weren’t elected or appointed, nor did they run their “tax” ideas by the “governed” – Black men. As such, they not only have no ability or authority to impose “taxation” upon the non-select Black man, but they also have no way to “punish” those who choose NOT to “pay the tax”. For example, say a Black woman attempts to impose this “tax” on a non-select Black man – that Black man can and should vote with his feet and DUMP THAT BITCH right on the spot. What’s she gonna do about it? Sic the IRS on him? Pulease.

3. BLACK WOMEN OFFER NOTHING IN EXCHANGE FOR THESE “TAXES”: Again, going by Maceo’s argument, in consensual societies, taxes are by definition of benefit to the taxpaying public and citizenry. This is what it means to be a government “of, by and for the people” and as well, the idea of “no taxation without representation”. As noted in my earlier cited piece, “All The Crazy Ladies” it is clear that there is a substantial number of Black women who have no compunctions “taxing” certain Black men and then absconding on their duty to “make good” on the “taxes” they “impose” on certain Black men. In a consensual society such as ours, such an action is unacceptable – they would be thrown out of office and might even face criminal prosecution! No, my friends – what Maceo suggests isn’t a “tax” – but something closer to FRAUD – something that we will examine further below. Read on!

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What Maceo really means to say, I think, is that Black women are in fact engaging in price discrimination, but rather than attempting to impose an ill-conceived “tax”, what they’re really doing is “charging” a fee to the non-select bros – a higher “price” for the privilege of being in her presence and for, to quote another author of some repute, “the possibility of sex”. The big difference between a tax and a fee is that while the former has specific conditions placed upon it within a governmental framework, the latter is purely within the context of the free market – in this case, the sexual marketplace free market. And as such, any business operating in a free market has every right to charge its customers any price they wish. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be consequences – for example, competition.

Competitors – in this case, other women foreign and domestic – may in fact charge a lower price to date and mate than many Black women – and as a result, attract more customers (read: non-select Black men) than many Black women. Indeed, we are starting to see undeniable evidence of this happening in our time right now, what with the famed documentary, “Frustrated: Black American Men in Brazil”, the recent “Passportgate” controversy and recent findings that college educated Black men in particular, have a 30% higher chance of dating and mating “out”. All of these instances are clear and present proof of the fact that Black women have no ability to impose a “tax” on non-select Black men and to the extent they attempt to charge a higher “fee” on said Black men, that is being severely tested now.

So, in summation before moving right along: do Black women have a right to charge a higher “fee” to the non-select Black men they ain’t sexually excited about? They absolutely do – but in so doing, they run a very real risk of undercutting their own viability in the sexual marketplace – which has demonstrably gotten much more competitive for today’s Black American woman. Simply put, there are more and cheaper options – and non-select Black men have demonstrated that they are under no obligation to pay these exorbitant “fees”.

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In addition to the aforementioned costs imposed by Black women onto certain Black men to date and mate, there are other “hidden costs” we have to consider as well. They are as follows:

1. Baby Mamas: nearly EIGHTY PERCENT of ALL Black kids are now born out of wedlock. Most Black women who have kids today, are in fact baby mamas. And of that majority, 60% of them HAVE MORE THAN ONE BABY DADDY.

2. Fake Presentation: Black women have been documented in having spent hundreds of billions of dollars a year on hair weaves, wigs, lacefronts and the like; and this doesn’t include other appliances like tons of makeup, Spanx and so forth. One must ask: what are you paying for – the real thing or a facade?

3. Obesity: It is a well-documented FACT that some 80% of Black women today are grossly overweight and clear majority are clinically OBESE – unless you’re a Black man who geniunely likes that sort of thing – and they are few in number – what Black man who has ANYTHING going for him, gonna want to partner with that?

4. Charging More and Offering Less: A major problem with the price discriminatory “fee” structure that many Black women attempt to foist on non-select guys today, is that they charge more and offer a whole lot LESS. For example: it is not at all unusual for many Black women to “bust it wide open” for a Select Fuckboy, but suddenly become a Mormon lass who’s never heard of sex in their lives when it comes to the Non-Select Guys. That might have worked in the last century; it certainly will NOT work today.

5. Black Women & Debt: As Black Enterprise, among a great many others, have noted, Black women’s net worth is a measly FIVE DOLLARS and they now hold the MOST college debt of EVERYONE – which makes the prospect of partnering with them long term a very dicey proposition. As noted above, the spending habits on “health and beauty aids”, clothing, food and drinks, trips, cars, etc., to say nothing of trying to bailout Select Fuckboys, all add up – what Non-Select Guy worth his salt, wants to hitch their wagon to that?

6. Mental Problems & Personality Defects: Far too many Black women have severe mental illness, emotional wreckage from dealing with Select Fuckboys and an extreme unwillingness to be cooperative and submissive – key components for mate selection criteria for any man. Why should a Non-Select Guy have to put up with alla dat? Are you kidding me?

Simply put and far more than any of us are willing to admit, there is a deep and profound reason why the Black marital rate is not only the lowest of all Americans, but it is at an all-time low for Black Americans itself since US Census records have been kept in the late 19th century – and the short list above explains a lot. In a previous era, many Non-Select Guys would have grinned and beared it; but today, not so much.

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As noted in today’s column and repeatedly elsewhere, today’s Non-Select Guy has realized that he does NOT have to “pay more and get less” from today’s rank and file Black woman – there are other options, like it or not. There are the relatively small pool of Black women who are willing to play ball; there are non-Black women in-country; and there are both Black and non-Black women abroad who again, have proven themselves more than willing to play ball. Non-Select Guys are beginning to wakeup to the fact that the Power of the Purse ain’t no joke – and they are using that power accordingly. As well they should! Contrary to the exhortations of Mr. Maceo, Non-Select Guys are under no obligation whatsoever to simply take whatever bullshit deals offered to them by Black women who think they can simply mail it in. Increasingly, Non-Select Guys are voting with their feet, with their passports and with their wallets, where they can and will, literally get a bigger bang for the buck.

God bless America!

Now adjourn your asses…


Mumia Obsidian Ali is a citizen journalist, podcaster, talk radio show host and newly minted dating coach. You can catch his daily live shows on Mixlr, and his podcasts on YouTube and Black Avenger TV, as well as his weekly dating coach column at the Negromanosphere website. He’s also a semi-professional pest.

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