It’s Just Your Turn

When talking about women here on Negromanosphere, and moreover about dating and the game, we’re always trying our best to give you the raw truth, the way that things are. Sometimes they’re not really easy to swallow, these truths, but at least they’re keeping you one step ahead in the grand game.
Well, today we’re at it again, we are bursting another bubble, breaking up another myth, dispensing with the fairy tales. And the biggest myth we’re busting today is – fidelity. If you happen to remember one of our older articles – Hypergamy, you can get the idea of the overall direction we’re heading in.
But the subject is the key – it won’t last. For you guys that are scratching their heads thinking why did she leave you for some other dude, or those of you who are head over heels, high in the clouds thinking about some mythical long term relationship, for you – the clock is ticking. And she is waiting for her hour. Because she ain’t yours – it’s just your turn.

Straighten Your Thoughts Up
In most manospheres and communities promoting the Red Pill, there is a popular saying, the one we mentioned above: “She ain’t yours, it’s just your turn”. This concept ties directly to hypergamy, and for many guys, the fact that their precious girl was not so precious after all, which they came to realize the hard way.
In the fluttery, fickle and hazy mess of a woman’s mind, things are always perceived as utterly complex, when in fact they are astoundingly simple. Always claiming, for the hundredth time, that he is “the one”, and that “this is it”, the thot of today believes it completely, even though a month after that statement she is twirling and rocking on a different Chad’s dick. “Whoopsie! It simply didn’t work out.” On to the 20th “boyfriend”.
From a red pill perspective, saying that she is not yours, and that it is just your turn, can help you keep a clear mind, knowing that it’s a short ride until a better catch appears. And for those serious men out there, with their mind on something more worthwhile and lasting, it might come as a waste of time to hop from one to another, but in truth – it might just be the opposite – a relief.

Looking for the Next Best Thing
This concept, on the other hand, ties to the fact that fidelity has been dead for a long time now, and 21st century women and the majority thot culture, will not hesitate to change partners as they see fit, always on the lookout for a “better catch”, a.k.a  the wealthier, sexier, more influential man than you. And when clueless men try to “fight” to keep a relationship going and to keep their women, these thots will immediately cite possessiveness and jealousy, and use those to justify their prompt branch swinging. So it basically means that if a man cheats, he cheats; but if a woman cheats, “she was forced to do it”.
This is all just another explanation for the well known concept of the CC, or the cock carousel, which most thots ride fervently from ~18 to 30, or after they hit the wall.
In the end, the best thing you can do is to have minimum expectations, and simply ride that thing while you got the chance. After a while, it’s some other dog’s turn.

It’s a sad fact that we need to come to face, and that is the inevitable dwindling of fidelity, trust, and attachment. That in turn, means less and less prospect of long term relationships and certain settled future. It is not impossible, sure, but increasingly rare. For every ambitious player out there though, this might come in handy, as commitment is rare, and when you’re on that daily grind with paper on your mind, sometimes you don’t even want to have a long term fling. But still, keep your wits about you, and always think whether you’re being played for a fool, used, or wasting your time and energy on a CC-riding thot.
We need your inputs! Tell us in the comments down below what your opinion is on the overall concept. Share your experiences with other readers. Until the next time – Stay sharp!

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