It’s Not Your Kitty, It’s Just Your Turn

How an Unchecked Ego Can Be Your Worst Enemy

So there I was, heated as phuck, watching her gyrate up and down on another man’s pony. A fat bastard, if memory serves me correct, whom quickly reminded the then so-called mack that it’s not your kitty, it’s just your turn.

Oh, sure, it’s been said plenty of times before; however, now it’s my time to put another flavor into the mix.

Is that cool with y’all? It is? Great.

Okay, for starters, we’ll call her. . . Kee Kee. Yeah, that’s a nice, wHOlesome name to protect guilty. Then again, just what was she “guilty” of? What, giving up the grapes to another man?

No, after years of reflection, self-analysis and just more life experience, it was I who was the ultimate one at fault, not her. Why, you may ask?

Aiight, I’ll tell you why

I could’ve gone to jail that night. Or worst, the responding police officers could’ve shot me.

Oh, yeah, I was on full simp mode that evening. To say that I acted the fool over Kee Kee would be an understatement.

Truth be told, I even shocked myself for putting my life at risk like that. And for what? Her creeping with another man? Pretty much, how I was rumored to have done the same with several other woman at the same time?

How dare she step out on the Marcus like that! Yeah, it’s another double standard but that’s besides the point!

Again, the why?

Well, it’s because I broke all of the rules of the game from day muh phuckin’ day one. Uh-huh, I’ll own up to it. It’s all on the Marcus for allowing emotions to outweigh common man sense.

Likewise, the reason for passing on this misstep (nowadays, I call it a milestone) to the younger generation of men on their come up to watch out for, and, God willing, prevent themselves from going through the same dayum thing.

Spoiler alert! I’m not a dating coach! I’m just a square living his life in a round world, hopefully, providing sage advice for the warriors coming behind me.

Now, the only thing worst than a grown-azz man falling for the okie-doke, is an experienced grown-azz man allowing it to go down. Yeah, I caught all of the warning signs from Kee Kee early on in the game but chose to ignore them, telling myself that “I can’t handle this one.”

She’ll just be another one added to team. I couldn’t wait to peel back this onion.

Was I ever wrong

See, it wasn’t that I lacked hands-on experience in dealing with females but merely an unchecked ego that nearly did me in. No doubt, that same ego that had caused me to slip on the play with Kee Kee, forever branding in my mind to never underestimate anyone, while simultaneously not overestimating my own skills.

Although I allegedly had a rotation of four (or more, depending on the time of year) women on the roster, I lost focus with Kee Kee, and ended up being caught up emotionally. Now that’s one thing a man on a mission can’t afford.

Life lessons learn? Sure, but that’s not good enough.

With today’s technology, there really aren’t anymore excuses for failing on the job. And that job’s keeping things compartmentalized, prioritizing what you can control while graciously letting go mentally of what can’t be controlled.

Control your ego, Brothers. Just because you’ve got a string of females on the hook, doesn’t mean there isn’t one out there swimming around with the just-right amount of fishy smell to temporarily disable your common man sense from detecting her natural cunning ways.

Okay, perhaps that was too nasty for the weak at heart. I should’ve said female pheromones but it just sounded better to keep it raw.

My point is that I saw Kee kee’s female phuckery coming a mile away. Hell, a thousand miles away, but I still refused to act accordingly to protect myself.

That’s what an unchecked ego will get a man. Drama.


Nevertheless, self-discipline is key to maintaining our manhood. And I don’t want to hear about “Oh, I didn’t grow up with a father in the home” rationale either. That’s that bullshiid.

Because I was fortunate to have a father in my life. And guess what? Yep, I somehow still got myself into some nonsense anyway.

Do I blame my old man for that shit? Nope.

Just like everything else, if I get caught slipping on the rules of life, regardless of the jacked up particulars (like Kee Kee riding some strange D while on my watch), it’s my responsibility to respond instead of react to such a situation.

Hence, choose one of the following scenarios:

Response: Just calmly shake my head while smiling, totally grateful for seeing her for the gardening tool she really is before investing anymore time, energy or money.

Reaction: Losing my ever-loving mind, by going straight the phuck off by becoming loud and, God forbid, violent.

So what if you feel embarrassed for being played. It’s all part of the game. And like the saying goes, don’t hate the player; hate the referee.

And so the phuck what if a man’s background is tainted in abuse, neglect and/or a history of females’ foul behavior. He’s been deem to handle that shitty hand dealt to him. Being accountable for our actions and reactions is something that can’t and won’t be ignored in any society.

Now some guys may look at this as an unequal situation, meaning that our female counterparts will never be held to the same standard but not me. No, that’s why we’re better than them. It’s the reason we have higher self-esteem than they do.

The only issue that may interfere with us men is when we forget the basics of maintaining a healthy ego. Now don’t get it twisted, my ego won’t allow myself to either feel sorry or anger for being born a man, but I have the testicular fortitude to admit when I’m wrong.

The way I see it, women have their advantages just as well as we men do. The only thing different is when they phuck up, they get coddled by society via state services, laws and the growing influence of social media.

When we fall off, though, it’s almost always an instant death sentence. And I’m not going out like that.

And one more thing

So, Brothers, it doesn’t matter which pill—blue, red or black—you’ve swallowed, just as long as you never gulp down your own excuses for misreading the terrain of female behavior. Remember, Kee Kee can be as tricky and slick as she wanna be, but can’t do any real damage to you without your consent.

Just know, that there’s some things that even a valid passport can’t prevent: female nature and those of us men whom ignore it’s potential harm if we don’t keep our collective head on a swivel.

Morever, don’t ever allow a her to false flag your confidence into believing she’s a modern day, helpless damsel in distress. If anything, it’s you who’s out there with an exposed jugular. No doubt, the result of an unchecked ego.

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