It’s Time To End Your Pity Party (Depression)

     Have you ever felt sorry for yourself? Maybe you’re in a slump in life. You feel as though nothing is going right for you. It seems as though no matter how hard you try, you can’t catch a break. You may find yourself having what is know as a “pity party.” A pity party simply means that you are emotionally down in the dumps and you are reveling in it. It does seem strange to assert that one might find enjoyment in self-pity, but this is the power of our minds. We can become so accustomed to a particularly act, or thing, or feeling that we get used to it, and even begin to discover some sense of enjoyment out of it.

     This is why often times we need outside observers to inform us that we have veered off and we are not behaving like our normal selves. While I primarily focus on physical health, I’ve often times stated that mental health is just as important. Weight loss starts in your mind. If you don’t believe that you can lose weight then you can’t. Inversely, if you believe that you can lose weight and you start to take the necessary steps to do so then you can. If you’ve stumbled across this blog and you discover that you are in a pity party I want you to end it at the conclusion of this blog. This means that you only have a few minutes left to dust yourself off and get it together. Please understand that we all get down in the dumps emotionally. It can be a variety of events that trigger us to feel like we are complete losers in life, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Maybe you got rejected by a person you were really interested in and it hurt you mentally. Maybe you had your trust betrayed by someone who you valued and for whom you cared. Maybe you were looked over and didn’t get that position, or opportunity, that you know you deserved. The fact of the matter is that something bad happened to you and it completely altered your mood.

     During times such as these I want you to revert back to something that you are good at. This is what I refer to as reversion. You need to find something that you can do really well and revert back to it so that you can regain your confidence. Confidence is key! Understand that the reason we get down in the dumps and throw ourselves pity parties is because our confidence has been broken. Had the situation that initially broke our confidence went the way we wanted then we would be on cloud 9. Therefore, it’s extremely important that you have something that you are good at and that brings you joy so that when you have rough moments in life you can revert back to that particular thing and regain your confidence.

     We as humans need to feel good about ourselves in order for us to be emotionally happy and healthy. You cannot feel good about yourself without confidence. Therefore, I want for you to find something that you are good at, which brings you excitement and is fun and do it. There is no getting around what led to your state of depression and your confidence being broken because you cannot reverse the hands of time. Whatever happened to you has happened. Now, what you need to do going forward is realize that one incident in life does not define the person you are. You determine your happiness and state of being, not anyone else. And more importantly, understand that time heals all wounds. So, no matter how mentally, physically, and emotionally damaging something was understand that it will get better in time. Lastly, know that throwing yourself a pity party does nothing for you. In actuality, it only hurts you even more because your altered mood can lead to other situations going array that normally wouldn’t .
     So, to get out of your pity party and end it once and for all understand that whatever happened is in the past, find something to do that you are really good at which brings you fondness, and know that you are not defined by one event or circumstance. You will regain your confidence, and in turn regain control of your emotional well-being.
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