It’s Twisted That Stable Men are Called Beta

I’ve gone on record as stating that I’m not a fan of designating human males as Alpha or Beta or even Omega.   I’ll use the terms on occasion as a reference because more people are familiar with those terms as opposed to the terms I use which are Select and Non-Select.       The reason why is because in the animal kingdom the term Alpha Male is used to designate what are essentially the head of a gorilla clan, a lion’s pride, or a wolf pack.    Humans don’t follow that hierarchy in the same way.

According to some writers who have talked about the Alpha Male in the human context this is supposedly the male that other men recognize as dominant and they follow their leads.   Only place you might see that is a street gang.  The majority of human males will only follow another males if they elected him to a political office, they voted him team captain in a sport, or they work for him.   Most men do not voluntarily submit to another man in such a manner.

For the sake of this article I’ll accept the popular premise that the human Alpha Male is considered the most dominant among other men in terms of life in general and getting the best women in particular.   Now under these terms the men considered Alpha are not always the best men in terms of society.   A reality is that many of the men who get many women in Western culture are not always the most dominant socially.  Indeed it’s common for many men getting a lot of sex to be underemployed or even unemployed.   Even the ones who work may not be considered the most socially desirable.   Many of these men are the side pieces who are coming through the back door as the hard working husband is headed off to work to support an unfaithful wife.   This brings me to the point of this article.

I think it’s twisted that the most stable men in society are considered Beta males.   Think about it for a second.   You have a man who does what he has been told he was supposed to do in order to be considered a man.   He is willing and able to provide for and protect his woman and children.  He uses his time and energy to make sure his family has the best things and yet he is considered a Beta.   In the animal kingdom the main job of an Alpha Male is to protect his family group.   Yet when a human does the same thing he is considered a Beta.   Something is wrong with this picture.

It’s the Stable men who really keep any society going.   It’s not the women.  Women adapt to the structure that men provide.  The structure that Stable Men provide.   Indeed even women who deal with so-called Alphas want Stable Man for the long term.   Stable Men provide the stability which women want in the long term.

It’s the Stable Men who control the economy, and who create the philosophical systems by which we live.   If not for the Stable Men there would be chaos.  Some say it is the Alphas that do this.   Not really, especially if an Alpha Male is identified by his notch count.   That notch count doesn’t create economies or political systems.

Now in all fairness there are a few Stable Men who may also be considered Alpha because of their sexual prowess.  Make no mistake, however, most Stable Men are not considered to be on top of the food chain.   It’s twisted logic to me.   Maybe that’s why things are so jacked up in today’s society.   It’s time Stable Men are looked upon as the top men or as I like to say the Select men.


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