KC Chiefs running back Damien Williams robbed at rental house

It seems that KC Chiefs running back Damien Williams had a bit of a rough week after being the victim of a robbery that took place in his rental house in Los Angeles. Police says that Williams was not hurt during the incident, however the suspects ran off with roughly $1,000 in cash after the robbery.

According to police records, a few men surrounded Williams and his crew inside their Airbnb location and even if the suspects did not brandish any weapons, they managed to hold Damien and his crew for their cash. Williams and his guests complied and law enforcement sources mention that the suspects got the cash and then fled the scene without any trace.

Cops were called but so far, there’s still no sign of the robbers. We’re told the LAPD is investigating and looking for possible surveillance footage at the moment with the suspects being described as 3 African-American men by Williams and his guests. Someone close to the the NFL player mentioned that the player is glad that everyone is okay and is doing just fine.

Damien Williams was a frontman for the Chiefs last year but really made a difference during the playoffs. During Super Bowl LIV, he rushed for 104 yards and a TD against the SF 49ers, and also caught 4 passes for 29 yards and a TD. The receiving TD with 1:12 left in the game basically sealed the victory for his team. Some fans even feel he could have been named Super Bowl MVP.

Here’s a clip with Damien Williams’ best plays last year.

At the time, it is not clear what Damien Williams was doing in Los Angeles but considering that his home town is San Diego which is a 3 hour drive, the player could have been visiting some friends and family. Feel free to hit the comment section with your thoughts on the news. Who do you think did it? Was it a setup and someone from the player’s entourage orchestrated the robbery? And how on earth do you get robbed inside your house without a weapon being involved in the situation?!

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