Keeping It Hidden – Why Women Love a Mystery Man

Mystery Man

Each and every one of you had probably experienced at one time the unflinching desire of people to pry into the lives of others, to dig up all the details and expose the truth of someone else’s life. Whether this is a need to validate their own lives, to get information for a different purpose, or simply to satisfy their curiosity, people and women in particular, love to pry into your business. And when they have successfully sated that thirst, they will quickly grow bored of their new knowledge, moving on to a new secret to unravel.
How to counter this simplistic behavior? Learning just how to go against the curious nature of others can help you reach a whole new level of a desired and confident man. Read on as we dig a little deeper into the curious nature of people, discussing how best to deny it and the benefits we can reap.

Desire Explained
Desire can certainly be complex and filled with many deeper triggers that rule our subconscious as humans. But often enough, it comes down to a simple thing. People crave that which they don’t have. It can be a desire for a person – but it can also be a desire for knowledge. A man who keeps his functioning, his true nature, a secretive, mysterious and hidden thing, will undoubtedly arise an interest. Allowing no aspect of your deeper self on a plate for all to dissect will only work for your benefit. No insecurities can be found or created, no secrets used against you.
A dose of the “good” mystery adds a healthy dose of spice to a man, making him more desirable and interesting.  It portrays a sense of a dedication and a man with a mission, a pursuit and a filled life. It could be, that just the desire to break that mysterious wall around you will make the woman come back for more and crave you. On the other hand, it can also lead to a shit-ton more of testing of your frame, your confidence and status. But for a man refined and improved, this too can be a simple game.

Becoming the Enigma
This connects directly to another important part of the whole idea.  Mystery can’t be faked successfully. You can try and fake it, but in the end fail the tests thrown at you. That’s no good. What you need to do is become the enigma. Work on your flaws, work on the bland and empty aspects of your life. Become someone who can carry his weight, with a mission and a confident and healthy outlook on life.
People, women, can latch onto positive vibes, or be deterred by negativity. Be what you want, all the while remembering that  it can influence people around you. A life with a positive mission, a bold and reforming goal, and a good dose of success in all matters, will surely make you perceived better and raise your status.

A Closed Book
Being a plain ol’ Joe, the Basic Billy or an Empty Eddy, will get you nowhere fast. Even if you have you own dark thoughts, insecurities and wild wishes, the hard truth is that you must hide them and keep them to yourself. It is an inherent and subconscious mechanism that women will chase and settle for the man who has his shit together. Nature works that way. It’s a world of hard truths out there, and you need to step up to it.
That’s another aspect of why mystery works to your advantage. Be vague, be direct, be charming and stir their inquisitive side. You’ll keep them thinking, bending their mind as to what makes you tick – and it will drive them crazy for you.

In the end, all of it always ties up to one simple thing. A thing that couldn’t be any more direct – improve. Actually, never stop improving. Accepting a fault, recognizing a mistake, and working on fixing it up for good, is a best thing a man can do, period. It makes you responsible, aware, and truly a man with a striving for better things.
From this improvement, other pathways appear. Game, women, knowledge, wealth and status, all these stem from improving yourself. Choose whichever floats your boat and own it! Just keep the crucial rules always in your mind. Many of these have been covered by the awesome authors here on Negromanosphere. And today, we add another rule in there – the rule of the mystery man!

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