Kershaw Shuffle Knife Review

For such giants of the knife industry, for the greats like the Kershaw Company, introductions are seldom needed. But for those of you who are uninitiated and, well, exceptions have to be made, let’s say a few words about the Kershaw brand.
For a long time now, this brand has been one of the reputable, leading manufacturers on the market, ever since its start as a independent endeavor of a Gerber employee. Always establishing with fresh, new designs, reliable and efficient knives, Kershaw quickly rose to prominence with quality and effective designs above all else. With a plenty of positive reviews, countless satisfied customers and an undoubted fame, Shuffle certainly has its unique qualities. Read on as we see just what those qualities are.

The Design
A well designed knife always needs to incorporate maximum efficiency in its construction, where all the parts play an equally important role and create one efficient whole. With the Shuffle pocket knife, this has been thoroughly aimed for and achieved. Relying on time tried and tested historic designs, natural designs above all, the designers at Kershaw achieved the perfect blend of ergonomics, size, and power transfer, carefully combined into one single pocket knife.
The Shuffle is compact. Easily fitting inside a pocket where it is inconspicuous, the small size of this knife may be disheartening at the first glance. But rest assured that, although minute, this knife does its job with utter efficiency.
The key lies in the design. There is an unmistakable likeness to a primitive, Stone Age tool in the short, stubby blade and the longer grip. With this unique approach to designing, all the power delivered by the user is shifted to the blade that retains all the strength due to the short length. This ensures absolute reliability in many common tasks we encounter, whether camping, hiking, or we find ourselves in survival situations.

The Components Detailed
Ergonomically, the Shuffle is completely optimized for the perfect fit. With its smart, well designed grip that features prominent finger notches and a textured, rubberized handle, we are ensured that our grip will be secure. Another aspect of note is the prominent downward curve featured on the handle, which combined with the finger notches and the patterned grip provides the user with superior traction and leverage.
The blade is a sleek, drop point design, curiously short compared to most knives nowadays, with a usual coating that ensures good edge retention and protection against the elements. The knife was design in such a way that, with the short blade and the longer handle combined; the user can deliver all the force into the handle, without fearing breaking or bad results. Another useful feature is the quick draw thumb stud which allows for fast and safe deployment in any circumstance. Speaking of safety, the blade locks in place giving you a feeling of security when working with the knife. One nifty feature that needs mentioning is the hidden goodies that are found in the handle of this pocket knife – an always useful bottle opener, a lanyard loop for easier carrying options, and a flathead screwdriver to boot! Talk about reliability and efficiency in a knife of this size.

With all certainty an established name amongst the knife makers today, Kershaw’s Shuffle series definitely stands out as one of the more valuable and unique additions to the often over saturated market of pocket knives. This compact pocket knife offers so much more than its small, carefully designed look insinuates. The manufacturer obviously had an aim to achieve a historic design that can be found way back throughout history, and it is this successful design that makes Shuffle as good as it is, an unmistakable success in the industry. Among the prominent features is a notched, slanted grip, which combined with its distinctive short blade creates a perfect tool for many situations. The short length of the knife shifts all the power of the user to the blade, maximizing the power and the effectiveness, focusing the force to the target. The Shuffle knife is certainly Kershaw’s biggest surprise of the recent years and a definitive recommendation for survival situations, but also for use in everyday circumstances.
In the end, whether looking for a reliable knife for your everyday carry kit, or for camping and hiking needs, look no further than Kershaw Shuffle. Perfectly designed, and tailored to walk that fine, tight line between reliability and affordability, it will easily find its place in most budgets. Do not hesitate to invest a couple of extra bucks into a knife you won’t ever regret purchasing, a knife that will last you a long time and prove its usefulness over and over again.

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